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  1. It was hilarious when Cherry and Hull were patting each other on the back and then Clement started playing the air violin!!!! I lost it at my friends house, none of them were watching they were like what?!?
  2. PS

  3. Plus he played at Michigan so he might want to come
  4. Not to mention Pronger and the Niedermayers
  5. I think a major factor that gets looked over is that the Quacks haven't ever been behind in a series during these playoffs. I think if we get them down in the series early, they might have leadership/poise issues that could work against them.
  6. Here's the what would happen in this series if Bryzgaloff plays. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Deyi408m3a8
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    www.gimp.org This is very similar to Photoshop... but its free!