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  1. I have scored 70 goals on 2K6 pro level.
  2. I just peeed a little bit
  3. He is very overrated! All he does is get into good postion and his giagantic pads do the saving. I've never seen him do a split or anything else acrobatic.
  4. I'm affraid we may have captured lighting in a bottle with Hasek this year. I think we need to make a move on Toskala (sp). NO GIGGY I don't want that cheater in a winged wheel. Howard and Ozzie are not the answer.
  5. Forgive me I'm new to the boards. What was the diagnosis? I live in Ohio and the only games I can see are when they play the Blue Jackets.
  6. Datsyuk wore the A this year (for like 1 game)
  7. I agree with Lebda22 Steve Y and anyone wearing the winged wheel
  8. What have you seen from him (Howard) that would suggest that he is any good at all??
  9. Your little computer guy is a little disturbing. Funny though. You right I would take either of those guys compareed to Lang.
  10. Very good post That's what I love about the Red Wings. They don't resort to taking cheap shots when things aren't going their way.
  11. I don't know about that. I watch the blue jackets sometimes. I don't think Feds still has it. I don't even know where Kozlov is. I think we are living in the past. Keep Bert Keep Markov Keep Cheli If we can keep Schnieder I don't know about Calder Dump Lang Sign Sheldon or Sarich Sign a goalie (not Giggy) that makes me sick just thinking about him in a winged wheel
  12. We don't need forwards. We need some depth at D. If Dom isn't here then we need a goal tender. If we do get a forward he had better be young and big.
  13. Who gives a s*** he is a grown man. He can do what ever he wants.