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  1. Hasek Has Regained "Dominator" form

    Maybe he didn't know it was "optional"...or maybe his Plasma is on the fritz and the big LazyBoy recliner is being reupholstered.
  2. Anyone a REDWINGSWORLD.com member?

    You ar NOT getting beaten and abused , Munkee....my how you exaggerate. Hun, you said you want to have hockey discussions, but I pulled up some of your posts. Since you have been on, you have really not joined in any SERIOUS hockey discussions. You moaned about Nashville fans, you joined in a few conversations and you then posted about how the Wings are your LIFE. Not a lot of serious hockey in many of those. It's not about the posts...I joined RWW and no body jumped on me...and believe me..I'm no ANGEL. I say what I feel and speak my mind. But, I also don't get "all worked up" and get my feelings hurt about what some people say about me on a friggin website! The thing I like about RWW is the fact it IS a pay site, so we don't get a lot of(if any) other team fans in. I saw on some other team free sites that anyone can join...and they just come in and bad mouth your team and truly have nothing more to say. We pay for it, but to me it is worth it. I have met a lot of real GOOD folks there. I have met them as well after talking to them on RWW. There are really genuine people in there that DO stick up for each other. We banter and kid each other, but all in all---we have each other's backs. You could be a part of that as well, but more people have to get to know you first. It is no different than meeting people in the workplace or real life. Some of us have been in for long enough now to know sarcasm and joking without having to type the little *sarcasm*...so it may come off as "rude" or nutty talking, but e get who it is coming from and the intent. I am very dry witted and sarcastic. A lot of times I will make a remark and someone who doesn't know this, will take me for real. SO? If they spend any time at all in RWW they will eventually know this and "gel" to fit in. Some of us are the same and feel the same, some differ...again just like real life hunh? We pretty mush know how to get along at this point, but we also know what buttons to push on whom to make for some FUN!!! I personally think RWW is worth it, but I don't give a crap about all the "perks". I just like the people in there. For the most part. Also, munkee----don't take things SO personal! Dude...really...some of us have gona head-to-head and stood up to each other on a certain subject...then on the next thread --had the same opinions and the debate becomes the past. Kind of like arguing with your brother....5 minutes later, it's OVER! Not a whole lot of grudges are held. Drop it...move on. Join if you want----or not--it's not a life altering experience either way!