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  1. Who Else is Having Trouble Here?

    I hear ya. I wrestled with the same thing when I saw just how tough the Wings played the Ducks. Had the Ducks lost, I really wouldve had a big hole in my schedule considering what I do for a living.
  2. Who Else is Having Trouble Here?

    Hang in there. You guys had a tough series with before taking on the Ducks and were stretched. You had injuries. A couple of those games where you outplay your opponent and still lose will take its toll and the Wings came out looking pretty bad for 40 minutes tonight. They came alive in the 3rd but too little too late. Frustration, fatigue, and a tough team spelled doom. They gave it a great shot but I think losing the last two after outplaying the Ducks took a lot of heart out of them.
  3. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    Gee, more class. f*** you. If you want my honest opinion on the Pronger hit, I think it was s***ty and if it was on one of our players I wouldve been mad as hell. I didnt buy the Rob stood him up excuse and think one game was lenient. Dickhead.
  4. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    He did it last time in 2003 too. They asked Randy about it in the post game news conference and he didnt care. He said Chelisaurus came to shake the coaches hands so they assumed he went to the line but to them, they didnt care. Just another to add to the Boogaard and Lemaire list.
  5. which one of you toilet papered Gigueres house?

    One big clue as to it being viewed as from Red Wing fans was the big red wings pasted on his garage door. Pretty bad timing to as the family was dealing with yet another medical issue with his new born son earlier that day. Classy.
  6. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    Wow, I was going to come in and chat a bit and congratulate you fans on a solid season but now after reading some of this???????????? How any of you in HOCKEYTOWN can back a player for ANY reason not having the respect FOR THE GAME to shake hands with the opposing team blows me away. Then complaining calling the Ducks goons and such? Obviously the fans and this board arent all its stated to be. Oh well. Best of luck next year.
  7. Can we repeat 2002 WCF?

    Some local Red Wings fans should not have toilet papered JS Gigueres house after game 3. He's been pissed ever since and playing like a mad man. Why do people insist on F'ing with goalies? I never get that. They are a nutty bunch anyway, why add fuel? Haha. Good luck tonight.
  8. salt in my wounds

    Red Wings had ONE game that they were able to put good use to the gaping holes JS left them with, besides that one game, JS has owned the Wings. Good luck on the hattie.
  9. salt in my wounds

    hmmmm? The guy has 1 goal in 5 games and your predicting a hattie?
  10. WOOOO!

    Call it what you want, Im just giving you plenty of warning what will be coming back at ya.
  11. WOOOO!

    I know Pronger catches it from every city and he thrives on it. Pour it on cause if things dont turn out the way you are all predicting with #25, this thread will have a new life after the game.
  12. Pronger Speaks

    That may happen but I think all guys on both team knows whats at stake and now that Anaheim finally discovered what to do when Det is a man short, any penalty can be very costly. Should be a fun game. I was happy to get the split in motorcity, beating them 2 of 3 on their ice will be a tough chore.
  13. Pronger Speaks

    With all due respect, You arent going to see anything like that 1) from Bert, 2) during such an important game as this one. Sorry to disappoint.
  14. Pronger Speaks

    Here is a better Pronger interview. You get to hear the real Prongs and not what the media wants to hack up. Enjoy!
  15. Bertuzzi

    Absolutely, give him time to get the mojo back, he's played in what 15 games the last two seasons? 32 with a back issue, he'll get it back.