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  1. From another forum I frequent: And:
  2. He's wondering where his dignity just went.
  3. I'd probably remove the little cutout at the top of the blue circle, add "Winnepeg" to the top, and "Hockey Club" to the bottom of the circle. It's too plain right now. I always liked this guy's design...I thought the concept was really well thought out:
  4. Inside the Detroit Red Wings offices: Holland: Okay, now that Ozzie's retired, we need to the address the backup 'tender slot. Whose available? Some Guy: Conklin's out there. Ray Emery. And....well...giggle...Turco. Everyone laughs for twenty minutes straight. Holland: That was genius. Bonus for you this year. Now, lets take anyone off the list that's only won in our building once in like a billion years.
  5. Or, you know, NONE.
  6. Love the fact that the NHL assigns O'Halloran to work a Wings elimination game.
  7. You and me both. It's going to be offensive. REALLY offensive.
  8. You mean flukey penalty. And by flukey you bogus.
  9. You mean like swinging your stick at an opposing team's player in frustration, after the whistle, but not being suspended for it?
  10. Well, the Habs ARE playing the Pittsburgh Sindys.
  11. Well, it's still 2-to-1 PP disparity in the Sharks favor. If that makes you feel any better.
  12. Exactly. The third game, I call a wash. Wings sucked that game and deserved to lose. But the first two, they got absolutely hosed by the zebras, and still only lost by one goal. San Jose, with the help they had, especially in game 2, should have obliterated them.
  13. Yep. I think the Sharks are due a 5-on-3 about now.
  14. I have a theory. I think all NHL refs are given "Hockey IQ" tests. The League then takes the lowest 5-10% of scorers, and lets them work the playoffs. They take the lowest 5% and put them in the review room in Toronto.
  15. Well, he did trip the guy. Of course, it was after he got his face split open, but hey, who's keeping track.