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  1. GDT

    Slight discussion diversion but last night's game was the first for me in three years and a fine welcome back to the states. (ok say I moved back from Europe in July but close enough). Great game and it is nice having fast enough internet again for something more than a box score!
  2. St Louis' teams play within a walk of each other. Scotttrade being the furthest of the three away.
  3. So the other four Capital skaters cannot clear the zone, get back into position (to the point of colliding with each other), and stop the three Rags putting on a clinic... but it is Ovenchin's fault? Got it.
  4. You mean when they both have been battling one injury or another during the playoffs? Though... That one shift difference could mean the difference between winning the cup and being the also ran.
  5. Both is the key! Nomadic teams to keep the league fresh I say.
  6. I like that version of logo and numbers for the Wings.
  7. That combined with the small shift if free agency's start date smacks of common sense. I'm not sure if I like it.
  8. lgw

    I would agree that owner/union relations went futher south after the 1992 strike. However I would say that owners did not repect the players during the Eagleson era. The cattle comment would be pretty close to home really during that timeframe. The 1992 strike though was... ill timed. Owners had enjoyed a seat of control and power within their kingdom. To be embarrassed like that would have not sit well with the likes of Jacobs, Wirtz, and co. I wouldn't say Bettman or Fehr are the cause of this lockout lasting so long, just the face.
  9. lgw

    You could argue that the hatred that the NHLPA and NHL haves for one another goes back to Ted Linsay and Co. organizing a union.
  10. To me, negations should have began last summer (2011) so there is plenty of time to discuss issues without threats of lockout, strike, or most of the shenanigens both sides have done. Has the league released their financials this go-a-round? I am of the belief that the NHL plays a bigger shell game with it's revenue than other leagues. I could see something along the lines of the Wings making crap profit, but Olympia Entertainment having a record year as an example.
  11. Stars come and go but imo fans come to see known teams with a little bit of history and a winning record. Talk about rebelling right there. My the Rangers continue to fail to win it all as they find ways to reload till the explode.
  12. Signed

    An indication of signing mojo for the Wings? Here is to hoping so.
  13. Kenny Holland: "Only need our UFAs signed." would seal Lidstrom's retirement and a megacontract for Hudler imo.
  14. Stuart is showing his age. Flip I hope is injured and I think Kronwall may be suffering from a coaching rut. Neither. I didn't think Howard would make it to be a starter for the Wings, but I would take him over those two. It'll be in the ESPN Top 10 failures of the week on Friday too. The regular season record set will keep the front office and Babcock in place.