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  1. #19forPresident!

  2. The Curse of Marian Hossa

    I want the Flyers out of the East (despite the gag reflex induced by Pronger), mostly because I don't want les Français getting any more cup wins ahead of us than they already are (yes I am petty enough to want the overall cups won record ). As for Marion, Hossa made trade off decisions based on economic climate (not just financial costs but overall opportunity costs, any econ majors feel free to elaborate =P), and seeing as he's still playing and we're not you'd have to say he made good ones. That said, it's not like the East has much of a shot, but if the Hossa curse stands I will thoroughly enjoy watching the festivities, and will personally deliver a 21 beer salute. Flyers!
  3. Carter scores off the faceoff

    Not to be facetious, but there's not much point in making a suggestion that opens a friendly debate only to become hyper defensive with anyone who wants to include something to the contrary and turning it ugly.... Personally I agree that the face off play has it's place, however it's a very, very small place. Simply because when we can out shoot teams 2 to 1 and still find ways to lose it makes a plain statement about the importance of the quality of chances over the quantity, and that play is straight blind luck when compared to a drawback and setup alternative. But you can never say never, sometimes you gotta be lucky to be good.
  4. Don Cherry pissed off

    If you let Don Cherry getting pissed off get you pissed off, you're doing it wrong.
  5. Sorry, Another Crosby Complaint

    Well the kid's the marketing bread and butter in a league fighting for attention, they could have gone with a lot of players, but they chose him and they're gonna push him to the populous like cheap drugs.... It's that simple.... A good friend of mine is a life long Pens fan, and even he gets sick of the unbridled praise the league shovels on Crosby, feels like it's bad JuJu for the team. But it is what it is, I'm not mad at 87or the fans, just annoyed with the unsuppressed spamming of his image the league forces us to endure.
  6. Congrads New York Yankees

    Best team money can buy
  7. Bertuzzi = Lang?

    He didn't make the score sheet.... but he played a great game defensively, and that registers highly on Babcock's score sheet, and is a positive trend that will hopefully continue... The offensive chemistry should come eventually.
  8. Jonathan Roy faces assault charge

    You can lead a man to Ritalin, but you can't make him take it.
  9. LGW GM mentality...

    I have no horse in this race... but I will say.... +1 for intuitive use of the word curmudgeon
  10. Laperriere

    Not really a big deal IMO. Probably just giving him a warm welcome to the NHL atmosphere, granted it's only camp, but Tardif has put in some work since his junior days trying to get into the bigs, things like this are just another step.... If I had to guess (I couldn't find a good feed to see the game, nor did I read anything in detail about the fight... so this is mere speculation) I would guess Lappy was talking crap to the greenhorn and heard something back he didn't like. Either way, the elbow pad isn't that big of a deal to me... It's alot more irritating to see guys like Perry start something and leave their visored-up helmet on than seeing a guy ditch an elbow pad.
  11. NHL Investigating Hossa & Pronger's contracts

    Geez their front office has been as loose as a 7 year old playing Monopoly this summer. That kind of spending is pretty damned amazing coming from a big league organization. Edit: also IDK who has loose lips in Chi Town, but I thought the retirement thing was implied enough without someone providing enough evidence for the league to move on it.
  12. Pronger Signs Extension with Philly

    My my, the Flyers are truly getting back to their Broad Street Bully roots! Plenty of quality elbows and head shots locked up for the next 7 years, not to mention a nasty point man (when he's not suspended)
  13. Goodbye Cheli Thread.

    You'll be missed Cheli. Here's one guy that I loved to hate when he was in Chicago, despite respecting him greatly. Also a guy I loved to see in the Winged Wheel, even if it was hard to make excuses for his ice time later on I'm damn glad to have had him in Detroit over the past 10 years. Plus thanks to his friendship with John C McGinley we can all enjoy the great line from Scrubs about Detroit for the rest of time.
  14. Steve Y - Hall of fame

    Couldn't happen to a better guy
  15. Toledo Walleye

    God man, that was when I was living in Perrysburg and still in high school, the site was like 2 miles from my house I was so pissed when it fell through. Gotta love how 9 times out of 10 typical political bureaucracy craps on the good will of the people instead of ensuring it.