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  1. Agreed.
  2. Oh for Christ's sake.
  3. That it has.
  4. Well spoken, he will always be missed.
  5. trade

    Thank the hockey gods!
  6. Did you guys all hear? The sky is falling!!!
  7. This isn't the playoff pick game that we used to do though is it?
  8. I'm happy about 25 years, but we didn't deserve it after these last few...I guess the hockey gods were on our side.
  9. GDT

    ... :|
  10. GDT

    Lets do this boys. Drive for 25.
  11. I only got to go once, but it is my favorite barn in use; and I have been to five others. I'm going to miss that place.
  12. No kidding...
  13. After last night it seemed we knew the desperation, then we started s***ting the bed...come on guys!!! We have to go balls to the wall here on out.
  14. Never thought I would see the day.