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  1. Lol. Ya he's a terrific fighter. Most of the greats get their cheek broken by old men like Beauchemin. Kopecky will not amount to much. I'm sure you also predicted Jason Williams would be a 30-40 goal scorer when he left.
  2. I would love to see Stewart stay in Detroit, he seems to be working into the system nicely and that goal last night certainly didn't hurt. Him and Kronwall are probably the two best hitting defensive pairing in the league.
  3. Just ask your boy Turco... It's OK to hit an opposing player with your stick. Helm didn't cry wolf... IT"S THE PLAYOFFS *****
  4. I actually just laughed my ass off at this post. One of the funniest things ever. How true it is... Adrien Dater was also questioning this call. Dater's take on the officiating I saw the replay twice... and it looked to me as if he hit him in the mouth on purpose.
  5. lgw

    If Dallas continues to slide I would love it if Calgary got into that 5th spot. Calgary plays a dirty game as well and the two teams would just beat up on each other. And you never know, Kipper could get hot and the Flames could beat the Ducks.
  6. I would love Avery back on the Wings! Everyone loved him when he was here... High energy and fun to watch. I would take him over any of our third to fourth line players.
  7. He went in head first!!! Johnson knows where he is on the ice... That wasn't just a hit, Johnson might not of wanted the outcome, but definitly a dangerous play. Someone mentioned a pad their on the corner. There should definitly be one.
  8. Well it's all outdated already. Most of the reports said they would of been back last friday?
  9. Good question. Does anyone know any kind of a timeline for all the wings injuries??? I thought Kronwall was supposed to be back last night.
  10. This was the exact same thing that Domi did. You can't pick and choose. Plus you can tell from the video posted earlier, Domi has no problem dropping the gloves with anyone!!! Thus he doesn't really need to be cheap shotted because he will answer the call.
  11. Change your name hardcoretom, because you certainly are not. Dirty plays and dirty players deserve that type of treatment. It's the only way to get your message accross. Was Mac's sucker punch of Lemeiux just disgusting? He got what he deserved. Go watch basketball
  12. Windsor Star report It appears Anaheim is in the lead to get Blake now. How do they have the cap space still???
  13. Ya it was a statement game for the Ducks... It clearly said that even on their home ice the knew the couldn't compete with the Wings. So they better try to hurt them instead. I cannot believe what a punk Pronger is, next time he should try to go with Hudler to show just how tough he is. From watching that fight I wish he would of fought Downey. Downey would of owned him.
  14. The infamous Rob Blake "ass check". Could you imagine our second power play unit???
  15. It wasn't Brad May it was Scott May whoever that is but Kopecky looked like a beast regardless. The announcer is a complete idiot in the video.