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  1. How does the team with the best logo in sports have some of the worst looking merchandise/jerseys?
  2. GDT

    Bertuzzi has to be one of the worst players in the league, just saying. Also Quincy and Smith, ugh just brutal.
  3. I'll be at the game, my first playoff game! Wings 6 Preds 0
  4. This shows how much Datsyuk makes Bert look good. When Bert is alone he makes stupid plays, tries to do too much and takes stupid penalties. With Datsyuk he has more space and can actually do something.
  5. Everything big always happens at the last minute. I'm holding out hope!
  6. I was at this game with great seats 8 rows from the ice just behind the Wings bench. Great time and great atmosphere at the Joe. I would say a good 10% of the crowd were Hawk fans which made it more interesting throughout. Definitely one of the best games I've seen at the Joe personally.
  7. Malkin is a beast, I would love to see a Datsyuk - Malkin line............I can dream.
  8. That article says Bert is OUT....thank god!
  9. The 2 or 3 stupid penalties he takes a game are bad enough, but when you add on the RIDICULOUS s*** he tries to pull off on the ice as well you have a horrible, horrible hockey player. This guy is the king of behind the back, through the legs passes and shots that have ZERO chance of hitting his "target". I put that in quotes because for the most part he has his head down and just blindly throws it to an area hoping for it to go in or hit a teammate. ******* garbage! I am sick of this guy, and with the Wings thinning out in the talent department each year, his lack of talent shows through that much more. Having Hudler and Bertuzzi in our top 6 makes me a sad Red Wings fan. These guys are not Red Wing caliber players at their current state.
  10. Too soon to bump this? lol
  11. Garbage game. The thing that pissed me off the most though were the ******* refs........holy s*** guys DROP THE ******* PUCK! Geez, every ******* faceoff they sit there and wait for one of the players to fault and kick one out (90% of the time a Wing). Nobody cares about you, do your stupid ass job and drop the puck..........f***.
  12. As much as I hate CHI, I don't mind them playing Vancouver. That'll be a great series.
  13. Of course this is the game I picked to go to this season. Wow what a disappointment. Worst loss at home since 1988!! WORST SINCE: This is the worst loss at home since the Flyers won, 11-6, on Feb. 23, 1988. It's also the most goals the Red Wings have allowed since that game.
  14. How does he think LA got the 1-0 lead? The calls were horrendous all night, one of the worst officiated games I've seen all season no doubt.
  15. It's funny, Comcast sponsers alot of these games in "Crystal Clear HD" yet they are pretty much the only major carrier in Michigan that does NOT have FSN Plus HD