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    Bad Vlad Forever

  2. Bad Vlad Forever

    Bob Probert passes away at 45

    either way, take the high road, right? the guy is dead, and made quite a name for himself with the club.
  3. Bad Vlad Forever

    Bob Probert passes away at 45

    I hope St. Peter is wearing his fight strap
  4. Bad Vlad Forever

    Getflaf for Zetter

    Don't even talk about this garbage. I hate Getslaf. Whiny-ass whine ass.
  5. Bad Vlad Forever

    Bob Probert passes away at 45

    to quote a favorite band... PROBERT IS KING RIP buddy, you will be missed
  6. Bad Vlad Forever

    RWNW: LA/OC Jimmy Howard Meet & Greet

    I will be there. May be a good time to splurge on more Wings gear, and thank Jimmy for an outstanding rookie season.
  7. Bad Vlad Forever

    Let's Talk About the Refereeing

    For what it's worth, I don't feel that the problem lies in the refereeing, but more at the NHL level. I think the organization, for the past few years, has made a conscious effort to inform their refs that come playoff time, extra effort should be spent on 'getting it right'. I really think this has backfired and made refs hyper-critical over the past few playoffs. The microscopes come out, with good intentions, and everything gets magnified until it no longer makes sense. This year was no exception, and you can even add faceoffs to the debacle. This is my take on it, from the persepective of a pre-lockout-purist-snob
  8. Bad Vlad Forever

    Who do you cheer for now?

    See, now I understand this guy!
  9. Bad Vlad Forever

    Who do you cheer for now?

    I stopped reading here
  10. Bad Vlad Forever

    Abbys in!

  11. Bad Vlad Forever

    Abbys in!

    Big thumbs up from this Spartan family right here
  12. Bad Vlad Forever

    Eight games for Wisniewski

    i was at that game last night, and even from the far side of the ice, in the nosebleeds, you could tell that was a dirty hit. it was actually scary seeing seabrook go down like that. that said, 1-2 games max for wisnewski. nhl is just posturing over the GM's meeting
  13. Bad Vlad Forever

    Versus Broadcasting

    i can't stand versus or their commentators
  14. Bad Vlad Forever

    ... born and raised in SOUTH DETROIT!

    you can tell journey must not be from michigan. there's no 'south detroit' per se. there's 'downriver' and then there's windsor. maybe toledo=south detroit? detroit is more of a east/west thing split by woodward. i'm just sayin
  15. Bad Vlad Forever

    Cujo to retire Tuesday

    by giving up open ice slappers from the blue line in playoff the mighty sucks in 03. i carry around a lot of hurt to this day from watching those four games. he was far less than stellar when it counted. i say good riddance
  16. Bad Vlad Forever

    Jiri Hudler back next season?

    he took stupid penalties at key moments, but at the same time, he could bury the puck too. with our PK unit looking really good right now, i'd definitely welcome his goal productivity and speed back.
  17. Bad Vlad Forever

    If only everyone played like Helm

    for the last couple years, it's been my observation that's he's always the hardest working player in any game he's in. absolutely does not give up on plays. hustles his ass off. forechecks like nobody's business. crashes the net, shoots.....the list just goes on and on hats off to flips since he's returned too. he's been working really hard
  18. Bad Vlad Forever

    Don Cherry pissed off

    wow, a guy in canada who is canadian-centric in his hockey views? i hear that president lincoln was shot in the head too, and that women's suffrage passed as well what will they think of next? some kind of moving picture box for your home?
  19. Bad Vlad Forever

    1/5 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 4

    this was one of the most boring, crappy games i've ever seen. wings play two periods of completely uninspired hockey. even the fights sucked, and included the ducks going straight to their backs almost every time. god awful on the upside, i was finally able to go to the honda center, and be treated well as a wings fan. nobody told me how much detroit sucked, probably becuase they were aware anaheim is in last place but seriously, terrible terrible game. datsuyk's hands sucked, and when his stickhandling didn't suck, he was losing the edge on his skate. the only inspired play i saw for the wings tonight guessed it.....the only guy who plays every night....helm i take it back a little bit, flip had some great hustle and stickhandling moments. glad to see him back and contributing already after his rehab. LA and SJ have to be better than this
  20. Bad Vlad Forever

    1/5 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 4

    i've watched the wings lose the past two times i've been in the ponda, here's to breaking streaks, and getslaf's smug face!
  21. Bad Vlad Forever

    1/5 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 4

    i hope that may knocks parros', getslaf's, or perry's head clean off his shoulders, takes his stick, and buries his head top shelf with it
  22. Bad Vlad Forever

    1/5 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 4

    wifey and i will be there tongiht in red! LET'S GO RED WINGS
  23. Bad Vlad Forever

    Breaking in New Skates

    also, a lot of the rinks by me use that CCM/bladder machine. the shop will bake the skates, have you put them on, and then put them in a machine that inflates air bladders around your foot so that they mold to the shape of your foot as they cool
  24. Bad Vlad Forever

    Breaking in New Skates

    baking certainly helps if you can do it, but honestly, just skating on them a whole bunch is the best way to break in new skates. it typically takes me a couple of weeks of playing fairly regularly before they lose that new skate "bite". good luck
  25. Bad Vlad Forever

    Get Kronwalled

    made my day