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  1. The west is the best.
  2. Yesterday I saw Flip walking down Center st. in Northville.
  3. wow, that's distracting.
  4. You're nothing without green man.
  5. I was just at fsn and they said that the game was on fsn +. hopefully in the next ten minutes the game will appear as they are not showing pre-game.
  6. AWWWWW s***! Grammar police.
  7. I'm Ron Burgandy? You stay classy wings fans.
  8. Bringing up hockey and ESPN is like putting the words "classy" and "fan" together. Next topic.
  9. I lived in Florida during the 05-06 season and had the package. Very few times were wings games blacked out. You will get pretty much the entire season. When you get this package it's gonna open you up to so much more. I live back in Michigan now and I'm thinking of getting the package this coming year.
  10. The Zatata Line
  11. They have done iso-cam's for Datsyuk. Here's a tip, press the mute button, works for me.
  12. Any info on Leino traveling with the team after this game, now that the Griffins are out of the playoffs. We do have that home game but I'm wondering if he'll either be traveling with the team or breaking into the lineup.
  13. If people really wanted to take a stand, they should stop supporting the NHL.