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  1. WOOOO!

    The only way Chris Pronger will ever carry the Stanley Cup will be if he blind-sides Phil Pritchard during a media tour.
  2. WOOOO!

    I was concerned that he would get a longer suspension than one game. The Ducks are a much better team without Prongoat.
  3. WOOOO!

    Can't wait to see him waste more power play time for the Ducks by sitting behind his net, thinking that he's Bobby Orr or Brad Park, lumbering out, then giving the puck up at his own blue line. Love those shorthanded goals! It'll be awesome to watch him have to bring down a fast winger going around the outside because he's so slow and immobile. Pronger is the master of bad decisions. The best part is when he injures his own players. Selanne and Ryan Smyth can both attest to this. Here's to the most over-rated player in the history of the League!!! GO WINGS!!!