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  1. What is your favorite Nicklas Lidstrom moment/play?

    when I say block shots I mean get down in front of the old slap shot and take one for the team, that's how a d-man blocks shots. Get a clue
  2. What is your favorite Nicklas Lidstrom moment/play?

    I call BULLs***, he leaned and extended his stick over and got his stick in the way of the puck intentionally. Using his body? to do what? lean over and put his stick in the way of the puck but not his body when was the last time you say him sprawl out and block a shot with his body???? I don't understand how if he didn't mean to get his stick in the way how did the puck make contact with his stick if it was headed anywhere but towards the net?
  3. What is your favorite Nicklas Lidstrom moment/play?

    there is no way that was a pass, it was a shot Hasek should've stopped it? are you kidding me? Lidstrom should've had the courage to either a. lay in front of it and block the shot with his body, which he never does b. get the hell out of the way horrible play from Lidstrom
  4. Hasek to return next year?

    Good News for us
  5. so how does expanding to even more remote markets help this?
  6. this is why the league should be only 20 teams http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=Aptk...o&type=lgns flame away , but you can't compare the NHL to the NFL, NBA or MLB, when hot dog eating, Law and Order reruns and Poker get better ratings it's time to give up the ghost, hockey is a NICHE sport in the US.
  7. Freep: Hasek decision to come by Wed.

    if he doesn't come back I worry who'll take his place. Howard is not ready and I like Ozzie but he's just not as good as Dom.
  8. Wings hawking their wares

    does anybody know the general prices for the sweaters, gloves, etc???
  9. Alfie Goes Unhinged

    have you ever played the game? there's no way a shot like that to the knee would cause him serious damage. concerning the "cheap shot", well, first I thought it was a dive by Moen and second Anaheim has been doing that crap all playoffs long, where have you been?
  10. should the wings trade kronwall

    plus he's got a 5 year deal you can't say that about any player in the NHL, the fact that he's been injury prone so often so early in his career means he's even more likely to get injured again and again
  11. It's All Fixed

    ratings are down 22% this year compared to last year
  12. Report: Balsillie gets deal in Hamilton

    I'd like to see an EAST, WEST , and CENTRAL in the NHL. I know it's completely unconventional but it makes sense to me. There are just too many teams that have horrible travel schedules, Detroit has the worst (flying the length of around the world in the PO's) but consider Dallas in the Pacific??? and Minnesota in the Northwest???. There are enough teams in the central US to make it work.
  13. I'd like to know where everybody is from last round when some of us were trying to tell you this was going on to the detriment of the Red Wings and we were laughed at and called whiners. Now you have it from William F. Scott Bowman himself. All the obstruction, hooking, slashing, hitting from behind, and grabbing benefited the Ducks and hurt the more skillfull Red Wings. It went on all series and should've been called.
  14. Anaheim not exactly the new Hockeytown

    it didn't, it came from the "canadian media" if you noticed at the top where credit is given, look guys, the Canadian media is out looking for stories like this to fan the flames, that's all. from a Red Wings fan : the Canadian media spends their time just looking for an excuse to write something negative about hockey in the US, from this to TV ratings, to season tickets to whatever.... it the way it's been for a long time, I'm a little surprised some ppl here are so shocked at this. Re: the stupid answers, well, there are alot of ppl everywhere who'll say really stupid things to simple questions.
  15. Bargain Free Agent Targets?

    Rafalski is a Dearborn native who's averaged 44 pts / season over the last 7 years with NJ, he shoots right but am not sure of his contract situation?? He could help replace Schneids if he left.