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  1. time for bed, i think. one thing to stay up late, another to stay up late and see them throw away a game like this.
  2. ok, it seems we're starting to turn it around, but i do fear that it is too little, too late.
  3. Kind of like the Habs of the 70's
  4. wow, scary, we are taking it to them well, but not getting much in the line of good chances. that is the classic red wings playoff scare for me, but give it time, we'll get one. f*** penalty.
  5. whoa what a play that was. thought it was in.
  6. Finally some "desperation" hockey...try that before you fall behind, guys.
  7. I gotta say, hard to see us winning convincing games in this series; I think we got lucky in game 1, but we have not shown much mettle in this slog.
  8. Dude, we are *not* getting the second chances. This is sad to watch. Our whole game is not going to plan.
  9. Pure, seething hatred. Nothing less. My blood is so full of bile right now, I might have to go to the hospital. Can't believe my hatred level has increased since NOON.
  10. Totally screwed here in NJ, NHL Gamecenter not carrying it, have to resort to
  11. did NOT look like osgood saw that one.
  12. WOOT
  13. gutless check to the back after the goal. please, hockey gods, don't f*** around and add insult to injury.
  14. quick shot to the pads. yes, throw it at net, but the more shots that are thrown that turco can stop quick, the more 'confident' he becomes, i'm sure, and the more the crowd gets into it.
  15. @_@