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  1. Marian Hossa, merged

    The OP is classy...
  2. Clutch, Grab, Trip?

    You got that right. Kind of sad that you are out played so badly that you have to resort to the crap you have whined about all series. Bunch of pansies. Whatever, clear the zone next time boys! Wings in 6
  3. Videos from Game 2

    Epic Win
  4. Members photos

    Just your run of the mill yankee turned redneck... Me and my girl. We are heading up to Michigan next week... it will be her first time out of the south.... its going to be very fun and interesting haha.
  5. Help Hockey

    My advice... quit trying to be like the NBA (which in my opinion, is what Bettman is doing) and go back to what made hockey unique and fun. Go back to the old style of conference and division naming. Stop calling these chincy penalties and let the players play. Bring fighting back. There will be a lot less cheap shots if they know they have to answer for it later on. And who cares if the stick is parallel to the ice, if the skater isn't obviously impeded, then quit blowing the damn whistle! I dislike watching the NBA because of how much the whistle is blown on stupid foul calls, and its starting to get that way with hockey to me. These new rules were made to keep the game running, yet it seems to have slowed down to me. This is the NHL, be the NHL and quit trying to make it something it is not.
  6. You know you're a Detroit Red Wings fan if...

    First Post ever here for me!! You live in the South and get the weirdest looks from everyone when you tell them the reason you are in such a bad mood is because "the wings lost and I don't want to talk about it." You have to defend Hockey to almost everyone you know because they don't understand the game and think its a retarded sport, but still tell them about last nights win with great detail and excitement.