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  1. 0. I will boycott this season. I will not spend 1 cent of my hard earned money to watch the Blashill crap on ice fiasco. I'm a long time Red Wing fan, was a fan right on through the Dead Wing era so I have seen the downs and the ups. I can live with losing (i don't like it) but it depends on how we lose. If we are competing hard, growing and learning i can deal with it as it is part of the learning process but to have practically an entire team take a step backwards 2 years in a row now and expecting it to get better is yet another bad decision for Holland. I have to pay for Centre Ice package to watch hockey where I live. I did last year and was completely bored by each game I watched and I didn't watch the rest because of that. Terrible contracts to hang on to mediocre players, poor moves when they do happen and the festering Jeff Blashill disaster setting back out young kids development will keep me out of wasting my time and money. This team as it is can be a play off team with a good coach. Jeff Blashill so far has shown zero signs of being able to improve this teams play. BOYCOTT BLASHILL!
  2. The Buck Stops WHERE? With WHOM?

    It is too talented to be playing this poorly. The product on paper sucks because of what is happening on the ice. What is happening on the ice, imho, is the direct and immediate result of an inexperienced NHL coach with a system that doesn't even come close to working and a team 2 years into Blashill's tenure that looks more confused, less prepared and hemorrhaging confidence with each passing minute under Blashills lead. Blashill is a bust and a liability to our future. Think in the past, we have had rockstar lineups that got pwned by (arguably) inferior teams then this. 2005-6 season comes to mind coached by Craig McTavish.
  3. The Buck Stops WHERE? With WHOM?

    I don't think we need to throw everything out to start from scratch. The buck HAS to stop with Blashill being run the eff out of town. I truly believe that with a real coach this team will play much much better. Again, not cup contending better but not the pigswill of the league. This is a young team with speed and some goood talent the would be hard team to play against with a real coach. More important then missing the payoffs in humiliating fashion... If Blashill is not let go and replaced with an experienced coach then it could stunt what little future we have right now. With everyone not named Zetterberg driving their careers in reverse already I am afraid that the longer Blashill is around he may stunt the growth of the kids we have. I'm indifferent on Holland unless he doesn't get rid of Blashill. Holland gets a few mulligans because he has done way more great things for this team then bad.
  4. Ken Hitchcock fired as coach of Blues

    I hope Holland has already had converstions with Hitchcock and Blashill..... Hitch to coach and Blashill to waterboy. We need another well known and experienced cock on the bench! A Hitchcock will not be as good as a Babcock but it has to be wooorlds better the the non cock we have now
  5. Which End of the Ice Do you Find Most Frustrating?

    THE most frustrating thing on this team is found behind the bench inside Jeff Blashill's shoes... get rid of that as fast as possible please!
  6. The Dead Wings.

    You can't even compare this garbage to the Dead WIng-era teams. The Dead Wing teams had some star power, had some old favourites that were beyond their primes AND it had to 2 toughest SOBs the league had ever seen... The games were still alot of fun to watch. This team is so bloody boring. I fell asleep (again) during last nights game it the shots after half the game were LA 19 - Detroit 6... 6 flipping shots on net in almost 2 periods? I'm thinking we could do a whole-sale swap with the Griffin's and we'd be in better shape then now... couldn't be any worse.
  7. No one loses but Red Wings

    I'd go it the other way... give Blashill his walking papers today, hire a real coach, then promote Holland to something out of the GM's chair and get this team moving in the right direction FAST! There is waaaay more talent on this team then what is being shown on the ice... Not saying we are cup contenders but playing a much more competitive brand of hockey is not out of the question with what we have right now. Blashill is not ready and in turn this team is not ready. Blashill sucks AND Babcock was able to squeeze more out of almost every player on the team
  8. The Dead Wings.

    1. It will have a brand-new state of the art Arena to stink up starting next year... that must be exciting to some!?!?!? 1a. No more JLA wizz troughs is actually pretty exciting
  9. Panthers Fire Gerard Gallant

    Keep Blashill on staff but demote him and get him some additional seasoning in the NHL under Gerard Gallant
  10. Smith and Bertuzzi Injury Updates

    Here's to a speedy recovery to all of the wounded warriors mentioned!
  11. How can so many things be bad?

    This team has the talent to be a fast and hard team to play against but is not. I personally put the blame squarely on Blashill and his terrible system. Get a real coach and this team plays far better.... not cup winning better but worth watching better. I was a fan through the "deadwing" era... That era was filled with many losses and disappointments but it had Yzerman + some washed up stars + Probert and Kocur so it was still fun to watch. This teams play just sucks to watch unless you enjoy watching Pros (some ridiculously over paid like Abdelkader, Helm and....) looking confused, disorganized, uninspired and well not like an NHL team. Blashill has to go and a good coach needs to be found, sooner then later. Maybe a new coach will help us preserve our streak because the way this team is playing right now the streak ends this year.
  12. Be honest..

    So... fill me in Shocky. Give me a clue. Embarrassing is this teams performance under Jeff Blashill. Clueless is the way this entire team looks just about every night they play. Sad is that there are still people that are defending this terrible coach.
  13. Conflict in the Crease

    No spot is owed to any player and so I think you play the hot hand and if there is no clear cut #1 then play both in hope to spur each other on to play better. A good tandem is a safer bet then putting all your eggs in a basket that hasnt showed it can handle all the eggs.
  14. Be honest..

    Adding elite talent to a poorly coached team will give you a poorly coached team with elite talent. I don't have any faith in Blashill's system to think even an elite talent would change things much. You'd have an elite player skating around as confused and unorganized as the rest of the team, not knowing who his line mates will be each shift, thinking he needs to take the whole team on his back to be able to win... eventually leading to an elite player becoming frustrated. Start by getting a real coach and then see what happens.
  15. Jeff Blashill

    I like Glendening but Bertuzzi, even with with his inexperience, brings way more to the table then Glendening ever will. I really think the problem is less with the team and more on the coach for not have an NHL calibre battle plan. Tweaking lines is one thing but how can linemates gain any sort of chemistry when each shift you have new players on the line with you? Blashill is sucking, he knows it and he is desperate and it shows. We need a real coach ASAP!