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    So you know, if I had to make one change...

    Sorry, I have no idea. My beef was that the one and only channel I get that carries hockey is NBC. No ESPN, CBC, VS, or any other combination of the alphabet out there. I was just suggesting that they put it on regular (non-pay) TV, so that those of us who can't afford it can watch. I mean, look at the NFL, they're huge out here, and they're on the regular networks. Everywhere you go, you see someone in a Vikes, Broncos, Packers....jersey. I'm the one in Honolulu Blue. We are in Wild country, but half of the people out here have no idea that Minnesota (neighbouring state) has a hockey team. UND Fighting Sioux are huge. High school hockey is very big. NHL? A few people vaguely remember the Jets and North Stars, but that's it. There's no reason the NFL should be bigger around here except that we can see the games each week. If the NHL did the same, I think it would catch on. On the other hand, when you walk around in your Red Wings attire, you always meet another fan. Even people who favour other teams will chat forever, just because they are so thrilled to run into a NHL fan. TV could do it for us.
  2. past- Mr. Hockey, and Vlad is a true Hero. present- Kronwall (or did the 55fan give that away?) I'm looking at what he has done in other places when not injured (Sweden 2006, GR during the lockout) and I think the guy has great potential. Also love Cheli, Dats and anyone whose mother probably has a recipe for lingenberry jam. Flip is growing on me. Love to watch Malts, Cleary, and Draper together. Dad's fave is Lang. Hope they keep him or dad will want his Wings shirt back in place of his Lang one. Non wings- I LOVE Peter Budaj, for no reason other than the fact that my little sister thinks Jose is "dreamy" and goes bezerk when I say I LOVE Peter Budaj.
  3. 55fan

    So you know, if I had to make one change...

    They really need to get hockey on where more people can see it. I live out in the boondocks and can't afford cable. Wny can't NBC simply replay an earlier game from that day before they go off the air for the night? Have the cleaning staff shut off the equipment. Then those of us who have to listen to the games would get to see them, and those who are up at night with nothing to do might just get into the sport, which would mean better ratings during the day, which would translate into more games on prime time. We all win. Just a thought. They probably won't do it, but re-alligning my rabbit ears just in case.
  4. 55fan

    If each Wing had their own store....

    Maybe Zetterberg and Holmstrom could spend the summer hanging out at Twins' games selling Homer Hankies.
  5. 55fan

    You know you're a Detroit Red Wings fan if...

    if your initial reaction to this post was to wonder what Darren had to do with that, and then realize it didn't say "McCartyian". also...if you can't remember your locker combination at work without reciting Malts, Kopecky, Lebda
  6. 55fan

    You know you're a Detroit Red Wings fan if...

    ...you have a hamster named Niklas Mathieu Daniel Robert and your dearly departed hamster was named Henrik Pavel Tomas Nicklas Dominik. (may he rest in peace)
  7. 55fan

    which one of you toilet papered Gigueres house?

    It must have been Homer. Who else would be sending an NHL goalie a message saying "you haven't seen the last of my butt"?