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  1. 13 minutes ago, xtrememachine1 said:

    Great post!  When I saw the title I was like "Jamie McLennan?  Oh eff that guy!" lol  I remember that game very well.  My wife told me she was pregnant with our son during the first intermission

    I'm glad he's a cool guy.  That's great news about Yzerman though.  Having him back in Hockeytown would be so great!  I kind of gave up on the idea after Blashill got resigned because typically new GMs come in and pick their own coach, but maybe it was his idea to keep Blash.  If he does become our new GM, I'm guessing Holland will do what Stevie did this past year and become an advisor.


    She saved that information for the first intermission.  You, my friend, have the Spouse of the Year.

  2. I root for three teams:  the Red Wings, the Wild, and whoever is playing the Penguins.

    Unfortunately, only one of those teams has made the playoffs.  What I'd really like to see is a Toronto/San Jose final.  For all the years that people have been rooting for Marleau and Thronton to get a Cup, it would be sure that one would get it- and it would be nuts to watch.

    That said, I'm on the Sharks bandwagon.  Go Nyquist.

  3. I'm sure our fine, upstanding boys will have no desire to do anything that would sully the reputation of our great game or of the league, or cause any embarrassment to their parents or spouses or bring shame upon their family names.

    Except maybe a few....


    If this was a few years back, I'd go with Kane, but he seems to have settled down.  Probably be some young kid.

  4. I just went and checked to see who is left unsigned for teams and there are a lot of players that are marginal and/or young that are going overseas.

    I wonder if some are not taking a year to play in a league where they will let them off for the Olympics.  You know the teams will be watered down without NHL players.  A guy like AA might have the chance.

    Obviously if a player has an NHL contract or can get a good one, he'll stay, but if the choice is between mediocre money here and good money there plus a chance to play in the Olympics, how many players might not take a year away from the NHL for that experience?

    Not saying this is AA specifically, just throwing it out there.

  5. Ooh, that's a hard one.. In general, I prefer cold to hot because you can always add more clothes, but you can't always take them off.  That said, as a North Dakotan, I prefer summer because there's no shoveling, no warming up the car, no worrying about getting snowed in at work or home, and there's hockey.

    Chicken or eggs?

  6. The last 3 years are the only time since 1986 when I haven't had 2 jobs or had a full-time job whilst going to school full time.  I guess I kind of have 2 jobs now since I've started a business on the side.  I make candles as a hobby and have started selling them at events.

    The person below me is a Gemini, Irish, or a vegan.