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  1. Hey now. Don't be nagging on my man there. He looked pretty good last night. He's a Penalty Killer who chips in an occasional goal. Jimmy and the Penalty Killers would have been a great band after last game. I'm not sure if Pookie kills penalties, but he was on the 2nd PP unit for Minny the other night. Still, I'll take a good PK guy any day of the week given how low our scoring usually is. Can't give the opponent any extra goals.
  2. I found this amusing; After the Wild game where Pookie scored, the post-game show host was listing off the scorers. He couldn't remember Pookie's name so he paused and said, "That Finnish kid we traded for." I immediately corrected him, of course, but since I am in my living room and he is a couple hundred miles away he didn't notice. Then I thought about it. They bought out Vanek and claimed Pookie. Pookie has taken Vanek's place on the 4th line. (Note: 4th line at the end of the season. I don't remember where Vanek was at the beginning of the season.) For them, it was almost like a trade. They sent us a 4th line winger and got a 4th line winger in return. We, on the other hand, got a 2nd liner who is producing and let go a Press Box Boy. People may be upset that we didn't get anything in return, but if you consider it as a trade-off, we definitely got the better end of the deal. And, for the record, the Press Box Boys would be a great name for a band.
  3. Seattle Blow dry or air dry your hair?
  4. When I come here, it re-directs me to a "Firefox update". My antivirus alerts me that this is a bad thing and neutralizes it. I hit the back key and go on browsing the site without further complications. Is this an LGW thing? Or does this happen all over the internet but I only see it here because this is the only site where I turn off my adblock? Is it happening to anyone else?
  5. 1) Sharks will win the Cup. 2) Erik Haula will become a household name. 3) Tatar will be en fuego this season.
  6. WOOHOO! Hockey is back! I have to miss the first two games, but I'm still pumped! BRING ON THE SKATERS! BRING ON THE GOALS! BRING ON THE FIRE THAT LIGHTS OUR SOULS!
  7. They're starting on the first line. Haula and Koivu have both played with Pookie in international competition, and since Pookie did not go through training camp with them, they're the best chance at having some chemistry with him. Boudreau will be able to best see what Pookie can do and go from there. It's not a line that will stay over the course of the season. They're predicting Staal will center the first line, Koivu the second, and Haula the third. Haula has started to get noticed. He was Press Box Boy quite a few times last year, but he is improving. If they move him permanently to a wing, I'll be surprised, and with Koivu's faceoff abilities, they're not moving him off center. I would wager that Pookie ends up on the 3rd line with Haula unless Pominville continues to be less than stellar, in which case he may move up to 2nd line. Coyle will be first line unless something bad happens to him or he slumps badly.
  8. 55fan

  9. I am supposing that I will be changing mine back after the season starts, I'm just not sure when.
  10. Perfect. I will let Mary know. She is now living with one of her sons (not in MI). It will mean so much to her. Since she's a nurse, she will appreciate it going to the Children's Hospital.
  11. Do not place a bet with Matt on anything that will happen in the next 24 hours. He is all-knowing, all-seeing, and possibly time-traveling.
  12. How about: Thank you Steve "MMS" Shoen for your contribution. They don't have to know we're thanking him for life-time achievement rather than a specific contribution to the site. I will be sure to let Mary know what we decide. It will mean the world to her.
  13. Awesome! Thanks for everything!
  14. Payment sent. Good to have you back.
  15. It was more that the team didn't gel during the exhibition games. Then it was that Tatar gelled well with Kopitar and Hossa.