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  1. Johansen out for the season. So much for the Battle of the Ryans.
  2. I can understand going with Murray, but Fleury got them this far. I would have given him another chance. Bad periods can happen to anyone at any time. I fear the Pens will come roaring back to prove themselves after the last game. No matter who is in goal, Ottawa will have a fight on their hands.
  3. PK. Haven't liked Weber since the whole Zetterberg-head-bang thing Lipstick or lip gloss? (If you don't wear it, which to you think looks nicer?)
  4. Ottawa is my first choice of the remaining teams. If they are out, I will root for either of the West teams, including the *ucks, if that's what it takes to defeat the Penis. The person below me needs to learn to say "no".
  5. Can't stand the Ducks. Can't stand the Perds fans. The only thing I care about in this series is this: Which team can beat the Penis?
  6. Wild have been outplaying the Blues everywhere but on the scoreboard. Would it be bad to wish a bad case of the hiccups on Allen whenever he gets near a net?
  7. I'm finding it ironic that I used to only cheer the Preds on because loved Tootoo. Now I'm rooting them on because they're playing a team I hate, of which Tootoo is a member. Go Preds.
  8. Easter Sunday (as a Christian holiday, which is what I'm assuming you're asking about) bunnies, and eggs are all related to new life. Eggs because (if fertilized) they're baby animals, bunnies because they produce a lot of offspring, and the Resurrection because it's the promise of eternal life. All are celebrated in the spring since that's when the world comes alive again after winter. The older holidays, from which we get the eggs and bunnies, were celebrated at the Vernal Equinox, or at least around the time when the snow left and life started "springing" forth. Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox in order to keep it in line with Passover, which is celebrated by the Jewish people according to their lunar calendar, and plays a big part in whole pre-story of Easter. We celebrate them all together now since many of the older cultures who previously celebrated the Spring festivals also celebrate Easter and the traditions carried over and mingled. The person below me has owned a business.
  9. If they don't go in 2018, and if the sanctions against players who do try to go are too high for the average player, I wonder how many players will negotiate their contracts so that they will end before the next Olympics, and then the year of the Olympics take a year away from the NHL (KHL, Sweden, whatever) with an agreement from the team that they be allowed off for the Olympics. Probably not a lot of US/Canadian players, but I can see some of the European players doing it.
  10. Wait... The Axe was Eva? I thought he was someone else.... Back on topic... I shall henceforth refer to our new Russian friend as Bubbles.
  11. Let's go Red Wings!
  12. Happy Turtle Day to one and all. Let us rejoice on this 20th anniversary of the blessed day on which St. Darren drove the turtles from Michigan.
  13. Not a gum chewer, but I'll take winterfresh. Get officially eliminated early or on the last weekend of the regular season?
  14. I wouldn't go that far. The person below me is seeking employment. (Not an offer- just playing the game.)
  15. I keep hearing rumours that the Lions are looking at Adrian Peterson. Anyone hearing that? Or is it just because I live in the heart of Vikings territory? Correction: I'm in the hepatic flexure of the colon of Vikings territory.