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  1. Yzermaynard

  2. Steve Yzerman named TB's new GM

    Since I have so much respect for the man, I will not begrudge him the opportunity to prove himself outside of our already formidable organization. Were he to wait around for his chance here, he would be seen as the guy who inhereted the keys to an empire. He would get no credit for its continuing greatness. On the other hand if it were to falter during his reign he would be seen as the man that brought it all crashing down. This man is a true leader, and he requires a challenge... a chance to prove himself. The way I see it, I now have a team in the East that I can actually care about. Good Luck Stevie, I hope to see you back in the D at some point in the distant future.
  3. Stay classy Yotes fans.

    ... wow ...
  4. Octopus!

    I threw one in Dallas durnig the 08 playoff run, that was brought from Superior Fish Co. in 08... we boiled it and double wrapped (freezer bags) it to my friend's gut to get it in. I will say that the smell, when I busted it out, was insane, everyone within 20 seats was aware that something was amiss. I couldn't even get the smell off my hands with hand sanitizer. I got tossed out of the game, but it was worth it... of course this was at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. I can't speak to what would happen at the Joe. Link
  5. Darren Helm plays on with broken nose

    That dude IS heart. Exactly the kind of player that belongs on this team.
  6. 3 Days in Detroit - All things Wings?

    I live in Texas, so whenever I'm in Hockeytown I make sure to swing by Hockeytown Authentics. 1845 E. Big Beaver Road (next to the Troy Sports Center) Troy, Michigan 48083-2007 1-800-WINGS-25 or 1-248-680-0965
  7. Hossa

    Do I want that to happen? No. Would it be funny as hell? Yes.
  8. Is this Gordie Howe?

    I just got this picture in a frame for Christmas. That IS Gordie... and so is the other guy, though I don't remember his last name, I just remember thinking it was odd that they were both named Gordie.
  9. Is it time to rebuild?

    Yes!!! Let's trade everything we've got to the Coyotes, for everything they've got. To be included in the trade: All Players, Coaches, Staff, Equipment, Logos, and of course Joe Louis Arena The fans will have to waive their no trade clauses though, and move to phoenix.
  10. Free NHL Gamecentre tonight!

    Your statement intrigues me, please elaborate... How would one do such a thing?
  11. Which NHL Players Smoke?

    Just to help clarify, dip is CHEWING TOBACCO. Living in Texas, I'm well aware of this activity. Though I personally find it to be disgusting, some individuals really seem to love it.
  12. Red Wing inspired band name

    ^ ^ This is good ^ ^ or since it's death metal you could go with "Grind Line". Also I like: "Sons of 1926" or "Of the Six" (Referring to the Original Six). How about "Olympia Joe"
  13. Happy Steve Yzerman Day Everybody!

    Thanks for helping to clarify.
  14. Happy Steve Yzerman Day Everybody!

    I imagine that is the case, but I celebrate it anyway, and as Pav says "You should too". Maybe we can make it annual on here. We can call it The Steve Yzerman Day Anniversary if you like. This being the 3rd.