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  1. Athanasiou Rumor

    Toronto only planned to suck after a long stint of entirely accidental sucking, and proof that their star players didn't complement each other anyway.
  2. Athanasiou Rumor

    I posted this elsewhere...it still applies.... Its an interesting scenario. I'm not sure what AA's agent's plan is here. Short term it puts a hurry up on KH, and if DRW doing get their house in order in time, the possibility of short term greater cash, lower tax earnings in the KHL.But really, unless KH is willing to both move other assets & pony up more cash for prioritizing this year's team performance, what does it achieve? If AA goes to Russia, if he ever wants to come back to the NHL, where the real money is, he'll still be a DRW RFA with no more leverage, but less remaining time in the NHL in order to maximise his earnings, profile and chance at winning the SCF. The only way this could be to AA's benefit would be if he absolutely dominated the KHL and then returned as an asset that other teams would make a BIG offer sheet for. Which happens once in a blue moon, and mostly only when personal emnity is involved.In the meantime his DRW roster spot might be won by someone else, and the team may evolve without him (or failing that, bomb out and draft high - which if its a fwd works against him even more).And the thing is, despite the bedwetting of the 'lynch Kenny' brigade, everybody knows it.
  3. Ken Holland "We protected our best goaltender"

    Abby never got 50 goals in junior. He played in the USHL (27 goals in 60) & CCHA (15 & 19 goals in 40 ish games). He's never been a big time scorer (unlike Malts!), but has been the same kind of player at every level with only slightly diminishing returns. He always projected as a top 9 forward with top 6 upside and he's met that projection very nicely. If he wasn't overpaid, he'd be much loved, one suspects.
  4. Smith vs. Daley

    Short term probably a little (though not with Smith's usage) long term, we got better I think.
  5. Zetterberg assists this past season

    What's most impressive beyond his physical recovery is his re-invention. He used to be a creative goalscorer. in 03, 06 (damn lockout), 07, 08 & 09, as well as most of his Swedish seasons (and the swiss half season), he scored a very similar number to his assists. As his shot has fallen away, his creativity as a set up guy has increased. Many elite players goal totals slowly drop off, but not many become such good playmakers if they were scorers for so long
  6. Smith vs. Daley

    I like Smith and always thought he was over-criticised and utilised wrongly, but I disagree. Because we are a 2nd and 3rd round pick, $1m and 1 year better off contract wise, and Smith never found a real consistent fit here. The only D-men he's played well with on this roster are Green and Kronwall. The former will be gone in February in all likelihood and the latter is on borrowed time AND would force Smith to play on his weak side. He's a better fit in NY than here and the draft picks are a better fit here than in NY. Also Smith, for all his raw talent and likeable nature isn't the sharpest tool in the box, and all those who aren't part of our long-term plans might as well be good mentors for those who are I guess.
  7. Of those Smith & Jarnkrok have developed fine from where they were drafted. Until last year, you could say the same about Sheahan in all honesty. Either way, using those picks to criticise the organisation's current operations is sort of invalid as all were drafted and largely developed by people no-longer part of the organisation.
  8. I guess 4 years is what I mean by Medium term...I'd certainly say 3-4 years is the minimum to make us really competitive again, and that is with some luck and some good management.
  9. One Thing that's Not Being Said

    Also NIll gets far too much credit. He let Hakan do his thing, but he also wasted lots of picks in the mid 2000s. To my mind the drafting appears to have become a bit more consistent in rounds 1,2 & 3 since he left.
  10. In the short term and with a better coach, yes. But his mandate at the moment is to try to get us in the playoffs while simultaneously bringing one or two new kids onto the roster a year. At least we now know if next year is a disaster too that he'll sell what he can, and he's also said if its 3 in a row its full tankathon time. Of course much will be influenced by who we lose in the expansion draft and how the lottery for picks goes. We get lucky and this team will be too good to fail next year. We fall and have to take a longer term prospect with upside and it'll be lottery time next year too regardless of any cheap UFAs
  11. One Thing that's Not Being Said

    Technically in the last 15 years, we've had Flip and Franzen who were vital in winning a cup in Round 3, and more importantly we have had 8 genuine regular roster players, most of who still have trade value in rounds 4 & 5, so at worse we get to get more chances at them! And of course, this doesn't include any later picks from the last 4 drafts who are as yet still waiver exempt on the AHL or in junior. Entire possible that an Ehn, Holmstrom, Turgeon, Saarijarvi, Pearson or Sambrook can do a good job as a roster player at NHL level given their performances at lesser levels. Will any be stars? No, but all can be used as part of trades or to make other current roster players expendable. We all know first round picks are better, but they tend to only get traded away for big big roster pieces over the last 3 or 4 years and we didn't have anyone to be rid of enough to make a team part with one, even as part of a package..,.because a 1st round pick is worth more than a bottom 6-er and a 2nd round pick to many teams. Sure, our 3rd round pick drafting has sucked, but given that we get a genuine regular roster player ever year and a half in rounds 3 and below, these picks are not worthless. And there will be much more horse trading around the league with the expansion draft out the way. And who knows, maybe this'll be the year when we luck out in the 3rd round and grab a Parayko or a Gaudreau or a Barrie with one of those later picks...
  12. Grade the deadline

    With the expansion draft coming up, He was never going to get a good return for a non-rental. The assets worth selling would only be of interest to teams who view themselves as contenders but most of them have too many players that they want to protect already without giving up significant assets to get hold of more. Also, not many of our assets that we want to part with have shown themselves to be great playoff performers, so their value is less at this time of any season than at the off season. It just made no sense to sell anyone now unless a suprisingly good offer came out of left-field. And given the return that any forward not names Hanzal, Eaves or Jansen recouped, that was not going to happen. He did what he had to do, and got more for the weakest pieces than expected, so B+. Nothing to blow you away, but all good solid moves that fit in both reloading and broader rebuilding philosphies at this stage, giving more flexibility going forward.
  13. It is a good job when the team is going nowhere and by the time its relevant again he'll be past his prime AND as an upcoming UFA he wanted more money than any of us would have been comfortable giving him on a team that is already overloaded with bad contracts we need to slowly get rid of AND we have kids in the system who are less dynamic but more controlled who will probably reach a level not far off Smith's pretty soon. As for Holland, we have no idea what will happen next, as he's never been in this situation before. Personally I expect him to give a few kids a look once missing the playoffs is confirmed, and then sign some low cost short contract vets (1 or 2) in the summer to have another go at squeezing into the playoffs, before flipping them for picks when we fall short again. Not attempting to rebuild on the fly the same way as before, but not tanking either...
  14. Back on topic ...a trade both sided can be happy with. Smith with a genuine number 1 guy will be fine,despite the odd bonehead play. There is a reason him and McD were so good together in college. From a wings perspective, we can enjoy the fact that Kenny decided not to hand out another unwise contract extension and stock up on picks, because beyond the first 10 picks, almost as many 1st line d-men come in rounds 2 and 3 as between 11-30 in the draft. While I think Smith was probably the 3rd best D on this team as it currently stands, he's not ever going to sufficiently better than those behind him in line to not make a 2nd and a 3rd a good deal.
  15. Bless your little cotton socks. You prize material wealth and that is apparently going well for you. Have a biscuit. Any of us who try to pass judgement on others due to their ability to succeed in our priorities is, for want of a more nuanced phrase, an idiot. Me? I jacked in my managerial career a decade ago to do things I love that pay me very very badly. I suspect that I am in a worse financial situation that most posters on this board in absolute terms. I'm also by far the happiest I've been in my life, and look forward to every day. What I do that I love may be of no interest to anyone else on here. It seems like you love playing investment markets, and the challenge of making your assets grow in an uncertain world. Cool. I used to love playing around with business and stock market simulations when I was younger, and continued sufficiently to have the various higher education paperwork to prove it. But ultimately I felt I couldn't connect with most people in those fields. I know now that my brain workings and relationship with the world means that although I'm pretty good at all that kind of thing in the short term, long term it gives me no satisfaction. I turned down my white collar pathway, ignored the blue collar left turn, and now live a life outside both of those worlds. It turns out it suits me and my personality type. I'm not desperately successful at it, but, in all honesty, I'm basically getting paid to do things I would happily do for free. But here's my primary point. This is a hockey forum. I'm not from a hockey country. we have no ice here! But I love hockey for the speed, the intensity, the emotion and the connection. The relationships between fans and players and the camaraderie between players from all types of backgrounds are fantastic. Whether it be the PK and Weber tributes or the enduring love for troubled souls like d-mac or Mickey Redmond and his ginger ales on the airwaves or all the college kids from educated families or the Jagr-esque Eastern European farm boys, more often than not Hockey is a family world that is increasingly embracing diversity and builds bonds over barriers. Whether its the 'If you can play' campaign, or the vast sums donated by players who come from comfort or come from nothing, it is primarily a game characterised by generosity, humility, understanding and class, particularly as it continues to develop and become more global. While perhaps provoked, your post is the opposite of so many of those values. This is a great community, built of a joint love of a great franchise and a great sport. Lets keep it that way. Right now this world needs to embrace the things that connect us and look beyond differences as much as possible. Its entirely possible that things like sport will by vital in stopping people creating wars for their own gain, as sport makes it harder for us to hate and judge those who are different, because it makes us connect with them. Hell look at the Russians in Hockey. 30 years ago, they were hated and mistrusted in much of NA. Now every fan wishes they had a Vladdie, Sergei, Ovechkin or Bure or Dats on their team, an not just for their skills but for their character. Also, technically, financial wealth in the investment markets are only ever a few hacks and technical and security breakdowns from being meaningless...;-)