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  1. Hell if Stammer had come here, everyone would have hailed KH as a genius. As things stand, jury's out and it far too early to make a judgement on the trade. Chychrun will probably round out as a #3 d-man, but could rise to a #2 or stall to a #5. Cholowski is much more boom or bust. His passing and skating are both excellent, and he's clearly a very smart kid both on and off the ice, but much will depend on his physical development and ability to cope with NHL physicality. He could be a top pairing guy if it all pans out or he could never make it past GR. Hronek looks a great pick at this stage, a sort of combination of Sproul and Oullette, but better rounded than both. Very impressive points totals to date, and impressive international play. Still too far off to make a call, but he certainly has 2nd pairing potential. And of course the other factor is how Nielsen does for us, and perhaps what we get in return for Vanek, who took up the rest of the space cleared by Dats. If Nielsen maintains a decent level of play and the Vanek pick is used well, we'll look like big winners on this deal unless Chychrun hits that 1st pairing potential and neither Cholowski or Hronek hit their potential. All far too far off to guess at. What I will say is that it is undoubtedly the case that Nielsen is being affected by the coaching and systemic mess we currently have. Seeing as Blash has made every single previous roster player's points output drop by a significant %, its safe to assume Nielsen may be affected by that as well.
  2. What was particularly bizarre about benching AA was that this was after he gave him a couple of shifts with dats...
  3. Well that was a damp squib. Same problem as all year. And for the last few years. This team has had lots of skilled smart players but no goalscorers. Franzen has been a massive loss, despite the endless flack he used to get from the stupid, because for all his floaty streakyness, he ALWAYS put up points, was a consistent goal threat (if not a consistent scorer) and could both snipe from the outside or score in close. We have to pin our hopes on Mantha being that player going forward. Like last year, the wings deserved to win this series, being the better team in more games than not, but just couldn't solve Bishop (who was at his huge best tonight). Sad to see Pasha go like this, but like Z and K, he's not the player he was (despite still being one of our better guys). While I don't see a tank coming, I do think this is a seminal moment. Unless KH can somehow rustle up Stamkos or a Lucic in FA, I think its much more re-build and youth movement in earnest. While D, Z and K were at the level they showed last year and at times this year, it was always worth going for it, and hoping a hot goalie or a Franzen like emergence could get us deep into the playoffs. With Franzen done, Dats going and Hank and Kronner having clearly dropped off to support player level, the game changes for the wings. Unless they trade D's contract and hit a HR in FA. Oulette, AA, Larkin, Marchy and Mrazek will all be fixtures next year. I expect Mantha to be so soon enough, and I wouldn't be shocked to see Sproul and Pulky (who despite his flaws should have seen a lot more games this year, because the guy can score, and if he can learn to adapt to the NHL, he could be important going forward). Maybe not everyone's choice, but I hope Helm is willing to come back at a reasonable salary. We all know his limitations, but if a more in earnest youth movement can change the balance of the roster a little, he will remain a useful (and highly tradeable) piece
  4. GDT

    Stripes only capable of calling them one way today...
  5. gdt

    Apart from converting chances and the embarrassing power play, tonight was almost as well as the Wings can collectively play. The question is, can they keep up this pace. Much better line distribution from Blash, and the D looked better sans Quincey. On of the easiest shut-outs Mrazek will ever have. Smith once agains shows that he is a different proposition in the playoffs with an inspired performance, but to be honest, all the D were solid tonight. Dare I say it Ericsson looked like the D-man who signed that contract, rather than the imposter who has been here for the last 2 years. This roster's lack of finish and goalscoring instincts remains a real worry, but Glenny, Sheahan and abdelkader is an excellent shut down line that also has a goal threat. Feels like that was the performance we've been waiting for, bar the PP.
  6. GDT

    I don't think there can be any doubt that whoever is coaching the PP needs to be relieved of their position...jesus...
  7. GDT

    Cooper killing the momentum with a spurious challenge..
  8. GDT

    Quality non distinct kicking motion football by Z....but a challenge....
  9. GDT

    Double-A rocket. and credit where its due...Andersson did really well on the goal
  10. GDT

    Shoot...the...damn...puck Ps...try moving on the PP occasionally guys. Its just embarrassingly bad. still - another chance!
  11. GDT

    SO many missed chances in this series. Hit the damn net
  12. GDT

    Given how many of our player are afflicted with the same condition, I'd rather someone who might actually score occasionally and can be sheltered and used on PPs. That said, I appreciate that his impact is limited by our lack of D who can play proper breakout passes. I wouldn't mind him sitting if Mantha or Even Jurco were in the line up, but I can't remember the last time Andersson did anything at all in the offensive zone.
  13. GDT

    This game is a perfect illustration of why I want Pulks in the line-up. The guys are playing well, dominating with their speed, but none of them shoot on the PP and not many of them have real goalscorers instincts. Pulks has a lot of limitations, but the guy had 48 goals in his last 62 AHL reg season and playoff games, and absolutely kills 5 on 3 because it gives him time and space to get the cannon off and on net. Even at NHL level, where he has struggled, his pace is 14 goals 28 points averaging about 11-12 mins per night. But no, we need Andersson who will barely play. That said, not only do todays lines look better, they also make a lot more sense.
  14. gdt

    Hate to take any positives at all. Larkins first PO goal. Richards and green showing they were worth picking up in FA. Sheehan proving once again he has rather more awareness as a net front guy than Abby. Abby trying to kill anyone in blue.... And that's all. Not going to repeat all the gdt comments, but mrasek needs to play at the joe and smith needs to be back in the lineup. I would not expect it to make any difference. Our roster has been added to since last year, there's is depleted and the gap between the teams has widened. This team just doesn't play well very often anymore and has no bona fide goalscorers
  15. GDT

    Make that 6 bulls*** calls in a row. 3 wings bleeding so far this game from high sticks, no call. disgusting...Dats is bleeding a foot away from the ref.