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  1. Nice picture of the Doc there...
  2. GOOOOO SENS!!!!!
  3. Let's hope he does, anyway.
  4. Yeah but at this rate Giggy should get tired pretty quick.
  5. Well, it only took the Ducks 12 minutes to get a shot on goal. Wonder when the next one will be...
  6. Shots are 7-0 Sens
  7. If Perry keeps going for Neil, he's really gonna get what's coming to him.
  8. lgw

    Heh. I have no concept of time, all I know is, I'm finally gonna get to see a game live
  9. lgw

    UK fans!! Anyone up for meeting up for a drink/meal if you're going to the game?
  10. lgw

    My tape screwed up! It sucks 'cause I'm a Drew Miller fan, and they were talking to him and Ryan. Anyway, it was on HNIC. They also had clips of guys from both teams when they were in the Minors which was pretty cool. So if anyone has it on video or whatever I'd be reeeaal greatful. I live in England but I'll of course pay shipping and the likes. Thanks guys.