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  1. For those that follow motorcycle racing.
  2. Cally put one on the board. Griffins up 1-0! GO GRIFFINS!
  3. I disagrer with a lot of those grades
  4. Griffins up 4-1 at the end of the 2nd.
  5. I think I could handle this game better without that annoying horn and Eddie the Oaf and Peeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuu.
  6. Looks like our Walleye are up one game and will be playing next Wednesday. GO GRIFFINS! GO FISH!
  7. I agree. So much bitching about the name for what this man has done for the city of Detroit and the Red Wings organization.
  8. C'mon Preds!!!
  9. I have faith in the Preds. They have to be the hungrier team.
  10. Ok so the Wings are not in the playoffs but am I stressed right now. C'mon Caps!! Dammit!
  11. Take that bag off you're head, you're going to jinx them. Bag wearing is only appropriate if you're a Laugh's fan.
  12. C'mon Caps don't fail us!!!
  13. Oh gee I hope not. I hope it's Preds/Wash but I'm not sure that's any better.
  14. Could never stand JR and still don't today.
  15. Our tandem is just fine. We need defense.