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  1. I watched the game on TV and every time I watch the movie I get teary-eyed all over again or even when talking about the game or the team. The greatest sports moment ever.
  2. Some coaches need to go too.
  3. Things can change. I hope the best for him.
  4. I predict Sheahan will score a hat trick tonight!!!
  5. Keep hammering boys, it will go in.
  6. Let's score on this PP!!!!
  7. We're trying! Let's Go Red Wings!!!
  8. Oh for crying out loud.....
  9. Kill it boys! Well poop...
  10. OMG a PP goal to boot!! No pressure Tinky Winky!
  11. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! That goalie missed it completely.
  12. Not a good decision Petr.
  13. I'd sure like to see the puck down the other end....