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  1. I'm glad you have a crystal ball to rely on.
  2. When he said he would leave...
  3. I like him!!
  4. Ahahahahahahahahahahah
  5. And we won't take either of them....
  6. Bettman is such a dweeb.
  7. The only person I can stand to listen to is Bob McKenzie.
  8. C'mon everyone needs to be like Hextall and just tell us who you're picking!
  9. I'd be bummed just go to the Flyers
  10. I have a right to my opinion like you did so you can give me a ******* break as you have put it.
  11. The NHL does a horrible job when it comes to their awards show. So awkward, it's hard to watch really.
  12. Love Hossa. Get well!
  13. Sorry, but that hasn't been above the locker door for a few years unfortunately. Mailik???? I haven't listened to that ******* in years lol.
  14. I can't believe he's protecting Howard...smh.
  15. Meanie