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  1. They're just jealous. many cups?
  2. I'm calm. It just sounds more like a baited question to me. Anyway....good game by all.
  3. What will be will be. Sure i won't be happy but nothing I can do about it. Why do you care how I feel anyway? So you can make some sort of point?
  4. Personally I do and don't care. I'm just glad they got the win
  5. Your hatred is becoming boring.
  6. You were saying....
  7. I hate afternoon games. GO WINGS!!!!
  8. Milbury will be forever noted in the hockey fan world as one of the biggest ****** bags. And he's probably like that because he's got the tiniest yam bags
  9. Is it bad it just pisses me off when we get one because they'll just piss it away anyway?
  10. Are there 2 teams playing tonight? If so I can't tell because all I've heard is St Louis, blah blah blah so far.
  11. C'mon boys let's win this for Mr. I.!
  12. Not sure. I would hope it would be for the rest of the season. Nevermind they have the patches for the away jerseys too.