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  1. F.Michael

    2020 Playoffs

    They are indeed a masochistic bunch aren't they?
  2. F.Michael

    Was Janet Jones (Gretsky) Good for Wayne/Hockey?

    Can Pronger's wife get an honorable mention here?
  3. F.Michael

    2020 Playoffs

    I'm just hoping Edmonton, and Calgary meet up in the playoffs.
  4. F.Michael

    Visiting Fan

    And it's also down the street from McShanes pub, and other eating/drinking establishments that are popular before/after games, and offer shuttle buses.
  5. F.Michael

    Visiting Fan

    Yes it was Detroit Athletic...Over the summer they expanded/remodeled, and changed the name, but the same folks still own the shop.
  6. F.Michael

    Visiting Fan

  7. Avs goalie has a sweet mask!
  8. For those interested 19 Stone = 266 lbs = 120.6 Kg
  9. F.Michael

    2020 NCAA Free Agents

    Krug, and DD would disagree...Sometimes there’s a late bloomer out there.
  10. As the old saying goes ‘the bigger the cushion - the better the pushin’...
  11. Grand Master Y would have Howard's fat @ss sit in the press box for the remainder of what's left of this miserable season...I feel for the buffet table.
  12. Post game 1-timers, and deflections with the guys, and kids on the ice...They're showing a video of Dallas Stars players practicing - probably cause the Wings aren't very good at it.
  13. lol - Mickey trying to come up with an excuse, or reason why the Wings are so bad
  14. F.Michael


    Yeah - they're a bunch of hosers...Mexican geese on the other hand are pretty cool - they like to party...
  15. F.Michael

    Chris Chelios leaving the Wings

    Retro 80s
  16. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    The thought of Ottawa having 2 picks in the top 3...
  17. F.Michael

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    I didn't watch, but I get the impression Grand Master Y is only saying the 'right things' to appease the fan base, but yet he still has his own plans in the works...Sorta like what a president elect would say about his incumbent.
  18. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    I'm not cheap...1 bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon for a gallon of dog piss - erm - a gallon of lemonade...
  19. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    Get at least 12 bottles - preferably bourbon.
  20. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    Muenster the superior choice for sandwiches.
  21. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    I believe there have been a few in WI (one in Milwaukee, but not at the hospital where I work). Yeah - 7 dead (including the shooter) at the Miller Brewing Co.
  22. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?