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    Larkin Next?

    https://americanhistory.si.edu/many-voices-exhibition/peopling-expanding-nation-1776–1900/pushed-and-pulled-european-immigration-0 "More than five million Germans came to the United States in the 1800s, the largest foreign language group at the time. The majority moved to the Midwestern "German triangle," between Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Many were farmers in their homeland and pursued the same livelihood in the Midwest. Living in close proximity to other Germans encouraged these immigrants to maintain traditional customs and language. The anti-immigration sentiment so prevalent in some U.S. cities gained less ground in the rural areas of the Midwest." Search Results Featured snippet from the web Largest ethnic groups in Michigan Rank Ancestry % of Population 1. German 20.4 2. African American 11 3. Irish 10.7 4. English 9.9
  2. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    In a basement? Sounds like that scene from ‘Pulp Fiction’ with the gimp, and the guy feeding the other guy his ‘Polish sausage’... Was there back in’03 for the Canadian GP...They make a pretty mean reuben sandwich.
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    Larkin Next?

  4. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    We have ways of dealing with you...
  5. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    True - however we're so far away from scoring goals, and playing reasonable defence...I just wanna see something that resembles an exciting club that'll get me on the edge of my sofa cushion.
  6. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    I'd buy 1 of these in a heartbeat!
  7. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    Still way more Germans in the midwest than Poles. I'd giggle if Seider became 'Das Hauptmann'...
  8. F.Michael

    Larkin Next?

    Difference was Grand Master Y was a legit 90 to 100 pts player who could dominate in the offensive end of the ice...I would tend to look the other way on defensive duties if there was a guy of this calibre on the Wings.
  9. I wonder if Grand Master Y feels the same way as Holland does - as in he isn't all too worried in the players feelings, and what they want instead of what's best for the team? I hope so...
  10. Yes - that was a nice assist...From McJesus...
  11. I'm watching the Oil/Ducks game right now - both former Wings are in the line up. Watching AA float on the back check...Oiler fans will soon recognize this when he's not scoring.
  12. CRL sorta convinced me that Babs may be our best bet behind the bench if any of Gallant/Laviolette/Cooper (if the Bolts exit early) aren't available, or unwilling. Looking at the Leafs - they're more inconsistent with Keefe (the guy the players, and Dubas want) behind the bench than Babs ever was. Don't get me wrong - he's no saint, but I really want a harda$$ making sure these guys play like their paycheck demands of them.
  13. I'm watching the Bolts & Leafs.
  14. I'm gonna have a stroke if Blashill is coaching this team next season when considering what's available right now.
  15. Grand Master Y is beginning to wonder if he should've stayed in Tampa...
  16. lol - our pp If these clowns were cattle they all would've gotten the bolt to the brain months ago. Fans have every right to boo this team...Just disgusting.
  17. Not sure what's more annoying... Ayers celebration, or the Miracle on Ice '80 Gold medal team. Hearing both 24/7.
  18. F.Michael

    Visiting Fan

    Possibly. When I stayed at the Greektown Casino (was about 8 years ago, and the Wings were still playing at the Joe, and I was off my leash) the 'People Mover' had a stop at both locations which made it cheap, and easy. Looking at the website - it'll be a hike to the LCA from the closest 'People Mover' station which would be the 'Grand Circus Park'...IMHO - best to head to Corktown, and park for free, and ride a shuttle bus which will drop you off a block away from the LCA.
  19. I could use a cup...
  20. F.Michael

    AA traded to oilers

    This man will turn AA into a defensive stalwart...
  21. F.Michael

    Are these press conferences necessary?

    Unless Gallant/Laviolette/Babcock/Boudreau/Cooper are employed, or find employment sooner than later... This...