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  1. Agreed. If he could bring us some exceptional player/s, or draft pick/s - then I'd consider it, but there seems to be a bit of a glut with netminders...Pens goalie Fleury is said to probably be moved sometime by the deadline, or expansion draft.
  2. Saw a good portion of the game - gotta say they looked pretty good. Helm tripping over his own 2 feet on that 'break away' Not sure how I'd feel. The guy has been great for us lately, and with Howard's penchant for getting injured at the mid point of any season - can we afford to send him packing? To add...If this team could play a consistent defensive minded game in front of him - I'd like to think Mrazek could be stellar...He certainly has some of the uncanny physical qualities of that other guy named 'Dom' - as in he can make some pretty spectacular saves.
  3. Trick question - we're not making the playoffs.
  4. We need to put the 'fun' back in funeral...
  5. I'd just assume role the dice, and go with a top 5 pick. Trouba while good is not a Norris Trophy calibre player, and keep in mind - guys like Yzerman was picked 4th overall in 1983 so ya never know.
  6. DBL Glenlivet 15 yr French Oak coming your way.
  7. There's far too much reasonable debate taking place in this thread...What I wanna know is why there aren't more players on the Detroit roster that can punch faces? #makeRedWingsfuntowatchagain
  8. Maybe it's dealing with my kids all day, and early evenings - maybe it's the scotch/bourbon - but I honestly have never seen Blashill as a defensive minded guy whatsoever. All the crap that takes place in the Wings own end of the ice - all the 'guaranteed 1 goal will be scored by the 16:00 mark by the opposition' - makes me even more convinced that Blashill is not suited to coach at the NHL level, and that he gives a bad name to his NHL colleagues who do preach a more defensive minded game plan.
  9. Just gonna throw this out there, but how long did Bowman put Fedorov on D? My memory is a bit foggy, but I seem to recall it was stints during 1, or possibly 2 seasons. I do recall Feds looking like a natural on the back end...He would've been a Norris Trophy candidate had he remained there.
  10. Other than Adam being his father - why wouldn't the younger Foote want to be a Red Wing?
  11. Need to do both - however moving players isn't as convenient as replacing a coaching staff.
  12. His slump started this time last year - just after the All Star game.
  13. Not surprising. This team has been in disarray from the start of the season.
  14. I think we need a coach who harps on D. Every game we look horrible in our own end, and turn the puck over dozens of times throughout the game. Granted - we need better players, but a more experienced coach too.
  15. Many here forget that Al personally handles all octopi tossed onto the ice.