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  1. Pre-Season Games

    If this does in fact happen - maybe we can get lucky like Philly, and jump several plus spots in the 2018 draft?
  2. Pre-Season Games

    I only saw several minutes of the game last night...Was that Witkowski I saw - bearded, and throwing his weight around?
  3. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    While Tavares is saying all the right things...How can any sane person want to commit what's left of their hockey career to that sinking ship known as the NY Islanders? True enough...But how many 'top' teams will have the cap space this time next year? I'm not saying that Detroit will be his best opportunity, but when you compare us to others who might be in the running - we just might be that shining chunk of corn in the heap of turd that's left over for him to choose from.
  4. Athanasiou Rumor

    AA has no leverage here...I say take a 1 yr deal, and then he can negotiate/use arbitration next summer.
  5. Wonder what the odds are for the 1st overall...

    We all know you're the reason why the Caps haven't won the Cup...You're toxic (in a good way).
  6. Wonder what the odds are for the 1st overall...

    Something tells me a guy like Brian Burke expects the ladies to provide both the 'powder', and the 'honey'...Free of charge of course. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Little Caesars Sneak Peek

    I was under the impression it was Holland that had issues with Feds. If my memory serves me right - Holland had a contract on the table for Feds - however Feds was having personal issues at the times (Kornikova)...Then in a few days it was retracted, and Feds went on to sign with Anaheim.
  8. Wonder what the odds are for the 1st overall...

    Tell that GM he'll get a lifetime supply of prostitutes, and cocaine.
  9. Athanasiou Rumor

    At this point AA needs to man up - take a 1 yr deal - bust his balls - then with next year negotiate, or go thru arbitration. He's hurting nobody, but himself, and his bank account.
  10. Little Caesars Sneak Peek

    This is old news, and I'm ignorant as to what went on behind closed doors, and such... But I wished Holland, and Fedorov could've made amends...Yeah - I'll admit to have been pi$$ed off at Feds with what went on back then, but now I honestly hope that sometime down the road the Wings/Ilitch family/Jimmy D/Holland have a night to give Sergei props for what he brought to this franchise. #91 will always be fondly thought of.
  11. Wonder what the odds are for the 1st overall...

    Outside of Howard finding a way to get injured by mid-season these past 3 years - IMHO our netminders have been the least of our concern. 9 times outta 10 - it's the 5 guys in front of them that masquerade as NHL'ers is what concerns me most. Send him my way...With a steady diet of brats, beer, pizza, scotch, pasta, bourbon, steak, potatoes, kringle...He'll hit 220 lbs easily.....Then again - maybe it's best to keep him far away from me as possible.
  12. Can we please have both Joe Kocur, and Darren McCarty on the staff to teach the young'ens how to punch faces?
  13. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Wait for it...
  14. The Detroit Red Wings: Decline and Fall of an Empire(video)

    In response to the bold - I personally feel the lottery system in place for the NHL is adequate. Yeah - we got screwed, and Philly made out like bandits, but so be it...It could possibly benefit us in the next few drafts.
  15. Athanasiou Rumor

    In response to PavelValerievichDatsyuk post above - I clicked the link, and truth be told - I had a good laugh reading many of the 275 comments.