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  1. I hope Holland is smart enough to move Green at the trade deadline. Yeah - Green just might be our best Dman, but on many teams he's no more than a #4 guy...I know - it's depressing. For the next 3, or 4 seasons - we need as many draft picks as possible - even if it means moving current players on this roster.
  2. I'm honestly more interested in Tavares. I might be way off base here, but I think he's a better center than Shattinpants is at defense. Only issue would be if the NYI decide to move Tavares at the trade deadline - it would cost any suitor a lot.
  3. Not a chance in hell Shattinpants will be a Detroit Red Wing. Holland has too many crappy contracts that he would need to move to free up massive coin for him. Does Shattinpants wish to be on a rebuilding team for the next 3 to 5 years - likely no. The Blues have a better chance at signing him than the Wings.
  4. Not really close by comparison, but we Wings fans can sorta sympathize with the Sabres fans from '99 in regards to how the NHL upholds it's 'rules'.
  5. Has he fully recovered from his fractured larynx physically, and mentally? I understand he's been cleared to play, but I'm just saying maybe that's still on his mind. If he's anything like his older brother - I hope he sorts it all out, and has a solid career in the NHL.
  6. We all know, and despise those who are known as 'double dippers'...You sir are now known as a 'double thread creator'.
  7. I miss Harold...He was a man of reason.
  8. There's never anything wrong with adding talent from Euro leagues...At this point in time any player that wishes to have a shot with the Wings should be welcomed with open arms.
  9. I pretty much took that article with a grain of salt. There's no way in hell Holland trades the
  10. If anyone ever venture in to Wisconsin - I'd suggest Zaffiro's pizza. None of that Chicago deep dish dog-chit...A good Milwaukee thin crust pizza.
  11. Indeed. If Yzerman didn't have it bad in Detroit circa mid 90's - Ovie has it much worse in DC. IMHO - he will never win the Cup as a Cap - probably at all considering his age, and how the cap influences rosters and such. He might find some solace if he were moved.
  12. Call me crazy, but I'm thinking a guy like Toews might be useful in either DC, or Vegas. Straight up trade for Ovechkin, or Toews to Vegas for pick/s. EDIT - considering McPhee drafted Ovie, and is now the Vegas GM - maybe he makes a move.
  13. Yes - instead of spearing some poor sap in the nuts, or running them from behind head 1st into the boards.
  14. Zero goals...2 Assists...Minus 6...13 playoff games. Unless we send them Ericsson, and a late round draft pick...I say no thanks.
  15. Well - at least Chicago will be saddled with heavy-loaded contracts that will hamper their chances to signing quality players on the 2nd/3rd lines, and #4 thru #6 Dmen. The Caps now are in a similar spot with all their UFA/RFA players. Pens seem like the Pats where they're plugging holes, and getting it done.