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  1. This weekend I was taking care of a patient who had a buddy visit, and this buddy is a die-hard NYR fan. Apparently from what he's been reading is that the Rags have been wanting Smith.
  2. Wow - a 3rd round pick for a guy who was never gonna be a regular in the line up...Well done Kenny.
  3. I'm indifferent to Hartford...Do they have a new/er arena, or plans to build one? Would the NHL/BOG approve of a re-location, or expansion team in Hartford over QC? Just as with QC - would there be any Conference alignment issues with yet another team on the east coast? QC has just about everything the NHL/BOG would require - all they need is a team...From what little I know - it seems as though Seattle has shown interest, and has made it known that they would like an NHL franchise sometime down the road, and it would be an instant rival with Vancouver...Apparently there's a proposal to renovate Key Arena that'll meet both current NHL/NBA standards...http://www.seattletimes.com/sports/nba/call-for-keyarena-proposals-to-be-issued-wednesday-by-seattle-city-council/ If the Yotes franchise were to stay out west - I would like to see it be in Seattle...Having no NBA team in Seattle would only help attract fans to a NHL franchise wishing to re-locate there. Long story short - I guess Hartford would be 3rd in line behind the other 2.
  4. I'm sorry, but this conversation cannot continue without acknowledging this masterpiece...
  5. The sooner the BOG tells Bettman that the team to re-locate the better the league will be. I honestly am not aware of anything close to the joke the Yotes have been since the team arrived there. There are a few cities where that franchise would thrive...Seattle, and QC would be my 2 top destinations.
  6. Might be a better value for the Leafs than Shattenkirk.
  7. Oh - 'Patches' is his nickname...That went right over my head...And here I thought your cat was making Vegas odds, or sumthin. Yeah dogs > cats.
  8. Patches? Is that your cat?
  9. I would.
  10. Well - depends how you look at it. Granted Yzerman has the pts, but in terms of leadership, Cups, and other intangibles...I can see how many would compare the 2, and IMHO they might have a point.
  11. Overall, or at the Center position? I'm thinking at the Center position...That may be generous, but I'm certain his 3 Cups adds to his overall value, and how others rate him. He's probably more top 5 than top 3 at the Center position.
  12. Heard this morning on the radio that the Rangers were wanting a righty on D. I'm thinking Holland must be getting some calls about Green.
  13. I know in the past some here feel he's a bit overrated...Personally I don't see that...IMHO he's an All-Star caliber player...He's Chicago's version of Hank.
  14. I'm thinking yes. Just think how well Vanek would be with a good center (had Dats stayed on, and played alongside Vanek - I bet Vanek would hit 35 plus goals). Somehow I could see the Blackhawks wanting him.
  15. Some time ago Kipwinger made a comment about AA - saying this kid has untapped potential, and could be a star in this league. At 1st I thought - yeah - sure, but now I'm beginning to think Kip might be onto something.