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  1. If this were the case then Bettman may as well have handed the Cup to the Caps last month.
  2. I would love nothing more than to see the Sens pull it off, and every Pens fan drop a nice warm steaming turd in their trousers as they left the building.
  3. Nice hook/slash by 2 Pens with a Sen on a break away. Tis a thing of beauty.
  4. I won't disagree - the Wings are certainly a step below the Kings/Preds, but given our history, and the potential of Larkin/Nyquist/Tatar/AA/Sheahan - I'm certain Holland felt the Wings just might extend the streak. Could anyone of us last summer predict the under performing, the sloppiness, the lack of direction? I honestly felt the Wings were outta the playoff picture after the US Thanksgiving, and many here thought I was crazy.
  5. The Preds were/are the 16th seed, and will be in the Finals...Like the Kings from a few years ago - anything can happen. I think we all knew that Holland felt this team wasn't suited to win it all, but making the playoffs last summer was seemed pretty realistic.
  6. Not so much a shot at the Cup, but a shot at the playoffs thus keeping the streak alive.
  7. Last season, and from the pic - he wears no 'shield' under his mask. https://www.nhl.com/news/malcolm-subban-injured/c-278484796
  8. Agreed. Truth be told - I feel this team is capable of making the playoffs in the 7th/8th seed...Although changes would need to have been made behind the bench for this to happen.
  9. I hope Holland is smart enough to move Green at the trade deadline. Yeah - Green just might be our best Dman, but on many teams he's no more than a #4 guy...I know - it's depressing. For the next 3, or 4 seasons - we need as many draft picks as possible - even if it means moving current players on this roster.
  10. I'm honestly more interested in Tavares. I might be way off base here, but I think he's a better center than Shattinpants is at defense. Only issue would be if the NYI decide to move Tavares at the trade deadline - it would cost any suitor a lot.
  11. Not a chance in hell Shattinpants will be a Detroit Red Wing. Holland has too many crappy contracts that he would need to move to free up massive coin for him. Does Shattinpants wish to be on a rebuilding team for the next 3 to 5 years - likely no. The Blues have a better chance at signing him than the Wings.
  12. Not really close by comparison, but we Wings fans can sorta sympathize with the Sabres fans from '99 in regards to how the NHL upholds it's 'rules'.
  13. Has he fully recovered from his fractured larynx physically, and mentally? I understand he's been cleared to play, but I'm just saying maybe that's still on his mind. If he's anything like his older brother - I hope he sorts it all out, and has a solid career in the NHL.