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  1. Well - goes to show what little I know. Was under the impression that Sproul was down in GR...From what little I had seen of the game (tried to catch a nap before going into work) - he looked like he fits in well with the big club...Props to you, and Andy Pred 48 for pointing him out...Thanks
  2. Am I alone in wanting AA in the line up, and having Miller sit?
  3. Let me start by saying that I don't follow GR at all. Now that said - how exactly is a guy in GR gonna be a stud when there's already a few guys ahead of him Marchenko/Ouellet are already in Detroit? If Sproul was a stud - wouldn't he be in Detroit too, or wouldn't he had taken the place of either of the 2 guys mentioned above?
  4. Yeah...No shoe laces...Doesn't he realize that a shoe could fall off at any given moment?
  5. Ask Tootoo, and Commodore...There's a bit of recent history with this.
  6. Air dry. Pomade or hairspray?
  7. On Broadway - The Drifters
  8. Agreed. For starters - few if any GMs wish to take on Howard's cap hit, and Howard will have to keep this level of performance up for several more games before any rival GM even thinks about calling Holland.
  9. Wait...Hold up...You mean there's more than 1 guy with the last name of 'Martinez' that currently resides in Los Angeles
  10. Alec Martinez?
  11. Just gotta luv that intro!
  12. Indeed. The Wings looked horrible on that pp where they had a 5 on 3 advantage. I'll take the win regardless...Jimmeh stood on his head.
  13. Man - would that add to his trade value!
  14. That pp could've used some Cialis.