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    Mr. Goulet is very actively involved with his local community in Las Vegas, as well as in many charitable causes worldwide. For many years one of his dreams was to build a Performing Arts Center in Las Vegas and bring Musical Theater, plays ballet and opera to the city. He is pleased to see that some of the major Las Vegas hotels are at last presenting Broadway musicals.<br />

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  1. This has probably been posted already, but I'm not reading 13 pages to find it. 3rd Period 08:43Matt Niskanen : Interference - 2 min 19:42Brenden Morrow : Holding - 2 min 19:55Steve Ott served by Toby Petersen : Roughing - 2 min 19:55 Steve Ott : Misconduct (10 min) - 0 min 20:00 Mike Ribeiro : Match Penalty - 5 min NHL.com Boxscore
  2. 15 games min and he'll have to wax the Commish's car.
  3. Not that this helps now, but it seems Versus found out their feed was getting clipped. Try this one if another Versus feed doesn't "appear" for game three. http://www.justin.tv/widgets/jtv_live.r691...ichsportsonline CBC broadcast out of Manitoba. HNIC just pwns Versus.
  4. "Ray Nevarro", "good", and "deep" are words that should never be used in the same sentence when responding to a thread that has "manhandle" in the title. I must now bleach my brain.
  5. Red Wing Rest Red Ring Rest Red Wing West Wed Wing West Wed Wing West I give up. Ba ba ba ba do
  6. Outstanding. Not one overt suggestion of rocking a 70's power muff. Carry on!
  7. Goulet! digs the new Cal-Gary duds, especially the provincial and national flags on the shoulders. Although it does look a bit out of place on the red (away?) jersey. Interesting...note the noose on the left ring finger in the first shot, but it seems to have gone missing in the second. Maybe the photog was a hottie and he was hopin' to give her a good Gou-lay-in. (Sorry...that was too easy to pass up.)
  8. Goulet! voted for the 'yotes. Peppy logo. Would have voted for the Stars but really, there is only one Star. Goulet!
  9. Goulet! likes 'em standing still. Even the pictures of the new jerseys are 11.3% faster versus the old jerseys. Goulet! thinks they had to round out the wing portion of the Winged Wheel in order to acheive the aerodynamic efficiency targets. Makes 'em slicker. The doppler effect is going to be amazing during game play. Drafting is also going to become much more prevalent. Think of them as aelerons. A slight turn of the upper body is going to allow these guys turn on a dime. These new jerseys would have allowed Larry Murphy to make Stu Grimson look like Pavel Datsyuk out there.
  10. The organization needs to make Matt the All Powerful Grand Poobah and Chief Detractor Pimp Slapper In-Charge of the "new" homepage. Get it done Mike.
  11. Goulet! appreciates eva unit zero's comments. Here is a question for everyone, one that has not yet been asked (that Goulet! can find) but may be at the heart of the matter. Do the stateside fans (no offense to Goulet!'s Canadian brethren) here really want to see the NHL in the same 'popularity club' as MLB, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, Goulet!? The purists of each have made arguments very similar to those being made here regarding NHL's current circumstances and possible future. For those of us in the States, do we really and truly want weekly regional coverage and at least one national game of the week? Consider what goes along with that before answering.
  12. Arrrrgh....do we keel haul 'im first?
  13. Yeah, there probably is.
  14. Brad May for Colorado...Goulet! thinks that's a fair deal.
  15. Well hell....