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  1. Sick to my stomach

    Definately made for interesting hockey I would say.
  2. Will the ducks be here next season

    This should help for starters: Hypocrisy Hy-poc-ri-sy n 1. the false claim to or pretense of having admirable, beliefs or feelings. Again you might want to reference this, also basically makes sense of your style of posting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hom Once everyone realizes it it... puts you quite in perspective.
  3. Sick to my stomach

    Wouldn't you rather have "the turtle's" in it! :punch:
  4. Sick to my stomach

    Hey jumping in! Bring it on too bad the Wings and the Ducks couldn't play for it. Think about it all those crappy teams in the East don't deserve a chance Lets propose this to the NHL two best teams regardless of Conference fight it out for the
  5. Was Pronger really the missing piece?

    Fairest appraisal I've seen yet I'd much rather have him on my team (fortunately we do), then have to play agaisnt him. Did he make the differance? Maybe. I say this to anyone who thinks that the Ducks aren't going to be a force to be reckoned with in the next 2-3 years is fooling themselves... Oh yeah, plus they will have the guy soon: http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/bobby_ryan he very well could be a force for years to come. As noted in other threads the youngsters are all 27 or younger and the vets aren't really that old yet. What I'm hoping for next year is a return engagement in the playoffs of the Wings and the Ducks. The NHL needs a good rivalry, maybe the Ducks vs. the Wngs as the new one? Clean, hard hitting hockey.
  6. Ratings for Stanley Cup finals down 20 percent

    Its sad because its such a great sport. I'd be willing to bet regardless of who is in the Finals the ratings will/have/would suck. I think the problems of the league go much deeper then a lack of big market teams in the finals. Getting rid of Bettman would be a good place to start. :flush:
  7. Will the ducks be here next season

    Do I even have to point out the inherent hypocrisy in these two posts
  8. Congrats Ducks

    Exactly. I pointed out the same thing in another thread. If Hockey has ANY hope of gaining acceptance across the US, then more markets have to be involved, not just the "on a pedestal" Original Six. Seems that the NHL is trying to emulate the NFL in terms of how the league is run, Don't get me wrong Bettman is a ******... But the model of the NFL is a sound one. Realistically we are all hockey fans and blind hatred towards another team or their fans isn't going to do anyone any good. Why? Because there are simply not enough of us as it is. Rivalries are great, but to look down in a pseudo- snobbish way: " Were better then you" isn't going to do anyone any favors. Or this crap about the Ducks "not worthy" of the cup espoused by some here... for any number of reasons: A movie gave them their original team name, they are dirty players, etc... get over it. Got news for you. Such talk only cheapens the next time the Wings hoist it. Next being one of the original six teams doesn't gain anyone a free pass in this day and age.... Nor does length of time in a league simply mean a team is entitled to the cup. Heck if length of time in a laegue was the sole factor then the Chicago Cubs should be winning the World Series this year... The NHL was once considered one of the 4 major sports... right now it might be no better then 7th in terms of popularity, at least as far as the TV ratings are concerned, which makes me sad. I want to see great hockey regardless of team, be it the Ducks, the Red Wings, the Hurricanes, or the who the hell plays on the Bluejackets....
  9. SCF Game 5 (6/6): Anaheim 6, Senators 2

    Maybe the league should return to the original 6,,, that way only "true" hockey teams can compete for the cup?
  10. Ahh... ad-hominem attacks… makes your points so much more valid to me…. Thanks for setting me straight <note sarcasm>
  11. I was waiting for this to come up, so here goes <puts on flame suit>.... Nope the Ducks since 1993. I can take it when they lose; happy when they win, and do it graciously. I don't blindly support my team and I am critical of their faults as well. I also shut my trap in years past when I had legitimate gripes about the Red Wings when they beat the Ducks. I can't ever recall calling the Red Wings a "Disgrace to Hockey" or "Not Worthy of the Cup", etc... I simply told my friends or acquaintances who like them Good luck in the next series, SCF, etc... I watched the Avs vs. Red Wings rivalry with interest, but really didn't root for either side. To me the world isn't black and white. I'm sure the Avs fans have a completely different view of the whole thing then those here. Is Claude Lemieux a POS? Sure he is. Are all the Red Wings saints, nope. Simply made for entertaining Hockey for me. But to listen to some here (getting back on track) you would think the Ducks are out murdering little old ladies in the middle of the night; they are that reprehensible. Some here are a bit more balanced. But as I mentioned what turned me off as far as the Wings goes was the afore mentioned cheap shot on Foote... that one play turned me off to the Wings. As mentioned were there worst hits then that, yep, but one stuck in my mind for some reason, can't explain why. I started to pay attention again to a greater degree when you guys got Hasek since he used to play for Buffalo (ya know living in western NY and all). But once I started to "hear" about how the Ducks don't deserve to win this year I was like come on guys! You want to talk not worthy: This is as bad as Chelios not shaking hands, great example to set. And if he played for Anaheim and did they same thing I'd call him out there too. Whether you like it or not Chris its called sportsmanship. If you lose do it graciously, if you win same rules apply. Do I like the Red Wings now? Hardly, less the times they have swept the Ducks in the playoffs, or likewise beaten them. However as some of my friends who back the Red Wings have ribbed me its time to give back. I'm not doing it here as I don't think its appropriate to do so. I'd rather have a friendly dialog then a shouting match... But at the end of it the Ducks won, you shake hands, move on and gear up for next season. No team is entitled to the cup you have to earn it and want it, maybe the Ducks wanted it more this year. I'll never take anything away from the Wings in the past, they earned it, even if I didn't agree with how they got there. Its now time to reciprocate. Doing anything less looks childish. I mean after all do we all have to like the same team? I would prefer to talk hockey with hockey people, rather then to posers on any site for that matter. As far as being an Avs backer.... are you kidding? Why would anyone coming here admit to that????? Thats like being a San Diego Charger fan walking into Oakland and wearing his Chargers gear... Hope I have gotten my point across. I'm not here to blindly defend the Ducks, but simply point out then in the past 10 years the Wings have hardly been the model of sportsmanship at times. The Ducks aren't perfect either, but no where near what is being leveled at them.
  12. Closet Avs fan? Hardly. I thought the rivalry between the two teams was great hockey.
  13. I think your missing my point. I’ve been watching this forum for a while and have not commented until now. I get it you think Pronger is a goon. I'm not about to say that Pronger is a saint, my point is this after watching Kozlov and some of the other goons on the Red Wings over the years I find it more than a tad ironic that people are labeling the all of the Ducks goons. Not everyone but some. I mean look at the title of the thread! Seriously? Some of the players of the late 90’s early 00’s are juts as bad IMHO. When by my estimation Detroit pulled just as bad if not worse crap (note my post of the Kozlov hit on Foote). In the end I am a Hockey fan I like good hard-hitting hockey, regardless of team. But after watching this board for about 4 weeks it is clear. There are many extremely bitter Detroit Fans saying one thing and doing another. As in multiple posts of IF the Ducks one fair and square I’d be all right with it, but (I think) they didn’t so therefore they are not deserving of respect blah, blah, blah. See say one thing and actually do another??? And don’t get me started on the Chelios non-hand shake thing that was bush league at its finest right there. Poor sportsmanship can strike anyone ask Alfie with the shot on Niedermyer. As far as you thinking my points are irrelevant <shrug> they are about as irrelevant as the prevailing mood here that the Wings deserved better, sure every fan feels their team deserves better. But the Red Wings aren’t in the finals. Its time to buck up and accept it, My team (and teams in other sports) have/hass lost time and again and I still get up off the floor to root for them. You want goons how about the hit on Drury on 2/22/7. Now that is far worse then the hit on MaAmmond. And I’m not even a sabers fan; or the boarding of Tallinger in Eastern Conference finals??? Not looking to troll either, just observations.
  14. Interesting Site.... This is simply my main point after wading through this thread. Accusations of the Ducks being goons? Not gonna go into that right now I will simply point this out: I actually watched this as it happened and this single gutless hit turned me off from the Wings since then. And I'm not a fan of Colordao either. Talk about cheap shots all you want, but slamming someone's head into the board with a clothesline swing? Forget the fact that its the Avs how do you defend that one??? And don't bring up Claude he was a goon and I was glad to see McCarty kick his head in. Main point is this. If Pronger is a goon, then look no further then the not so recent past for examples of such from the Wings. That being said I can respect everyone backing one's team, your city etc... But to claim that Detroit is so much better then, holier then thou, would never do such things (real or implied), etc... its nothing more then the pot calling the kettle black.... Gosh angels must sing every time the Wings take the ice at the Joe.... didn't know they were/are now Saints playing in Detroit...