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  1. The big problem with a team in Quebec City was always the language barrier, no one wanted to play there (biggest example: Lindros) because no one in the city speaks English. It's basically like having a hockey team in France. Montreal is a different story, people in Montreal are mostly bilingual compared to Quebec City.
  2. Year to year? Are you kidding me? Since 1997 Dom's GAA has never been above 2.27, mostly lower. He's won the Vezina Trophy 6 times, and he should have been nominated this season.
  3. As great as it would be for us to acquire J.S. if Hasek leaves it won't happen. The Ducks are one game away from winning the Cup and chances are he will want to stay there, and the Ducks management will feel the same way. I'm not sure what the Ducks salary situation looks like but chances are they will cough up every dime they have to resign him.