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  1. Shockwave180

    SCF GAME 2 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

    And we'd have won the Cup each of the last 13 years. It's actually kind of nice to get outshot and still win. It's not something I've experienced often over the last 15 years or so.
  2. Shockwave180

    Future of Chicago Blackhawks

    You take that back, right now. Quenneville must stay. Besides, Scottie behind the bench in Chicago, with that talent, would be terrifying.
  3. Shockwave180

    Quenneville/ "Worst call.."

    Interesting thoughts. I was thrilled when the Hawks hired Q at the beginning of the season, and this is exactly why. He's gotten a lot of love from the media this season for the job he's done with this young Hawks squad, and rightly so. He's always been a decent regular season coach. But he's never been a good playoff coach. And you can't say he hasn't had talent; he had guys like Pronger, MacInnis, and Brett Hull for a few years in St. Louis; he had Hejduk, Sakic and Forsberg (briefly) in Colorado; and he's got a darn talented team in Chicago too. But his teams never seem to have that steady, even-keeled system or mental presence in the playoffs. He'll often win a round or two, but his teams inevitably make fundamental mistakes at crucial times and get taken apart by better-coached teams with a more cohesive and consistent system. This isn't to say he'll never win a Cup; heck, with that talent he has, if they keep him around, he'll probably win one in spite of himself eventually. It's happened before (See Also: Crawford, Mark). Still, there's a reason the Wings have owned Quenneville over the years. It's no fluke. This series isn't quite over yet, but it's sure looking like deja-vu all over again.
  4. Shockwave180

    A Chant I'd Love to Hear...

    There've been a couple threads lately discussing some of classy things Blackhawks fans chant when they play Detroit. But if we win (and that's hardly a given), I'd love to see Wings fans adopt the following chant, to the tune of "When the Saints Go Marching In": "You won the Cup In black and white You won the Cup in black and white You won the Cup before color You won the Cup in black and white" In English football (or soccer for us Yanks), Arsenal fans sing this when they play their arch-rivals Tottenham, who (ironically enough) also last won the English league in 1961. Whether you love or hate soccer, I think this is a great, stfu putdown. Imagine: time winding down in Game 5 (or Game 7) and the Joe starts singing this en masse. It would be just beautiful. Forget braindead "Detroit Sucks" chants and auto industry putdowns; this is clever, amusing, and cuts right to the heart of the issue: our team is better than yours. Feel free to contribute other ideas for anti-Hawks chants as well.
  5. Shockwave180

    Ozzie still gets no respect

    Absolutely. Remember that goal Brodeur gave up in Game 3 of the '03 Finals against Anaheim? The one where he tried to play a slow-rolling puck with his stick, tripped, fell on his arse, and had the puck roll through him and into the net? That goal lost Game 3 for the Devils, and shifted the momentum of the whole series. Of course, Marty came back and pitched a shutout in Game 7 to seal another Cup, and nobody remembers that goal now. It truly is all about perception.
  6. Shockwave180

    Sports Guy: I love this game

    This is a great thing. Sure, the "soft Euros" line is stale and ridiculous, but as others have said, hockey needs fans like this to re-discover their love for the game, even if they're a bit uninformed and a touch xenophobic. Columns like this can only help the sport, and snobs who want to just call Simmons an "idiot" need to grow up and be happy that hockey's finally getting some good press from the mainstream.
  7. Shockwave180


    This. All of this.
  8. Shockwave180

    Ducks fans crying about Game Winning goal.

    Anybody remember Selanne's tying goal in Game 2 back in '07, when the Ducks pretty blatantly pushed Hasek's right pad (and the puck) into the net? That was quite controversial, but the Ducks were very emphatic and defensive about why that goal was correctly counted. If that was good, then this wasn't even close. Edit: I see this was already referenced. Well-done. It's the ultimate in short, selective memory if the Ducks really want to whine about this.
  9. Shockwave180

    Colorado or Anaheim?

    Great, great post. I think this is the best summation of those years that I've read.
  10. Shockwave180

    Colorado or Anaheim?

    All of this, in capital letters. Those two days after Forsberg's OT goal in Game 5 back in 2002 were probably the darkest in my sports fan life to this point. The fact that they were on the verge of beating us for a 4th time in 5 series, and ending our dream '02 season with that amazing team, was just way too much. It looked like we were never going to beat Roy. It was terrible. That, of course, made the next two games so, so sweet. I don't think that 7-0 game will ever be topped. Anyway, all that to say that I completely agree with NFM.
  11. Shockwave180

    Mike Brown's hit on Hudler

    Actually, that's one of the defenses he and the Ducks made in '07 when he elbowed Holmstrom and got suspended for a game.
  12. Shockwave180

    Where to now for the Sharks?

    No need to imagine. Many on this board were raising exactly those questions after '06 and even '07.
  13. Shockwave180

    GDT San Jose Sharks vs Nashville Predators

    Good grief. 2 straight home shootout wins for the Sharks in games they should've lost. They're still the favorites to finish 1st with their schedule. Frustrating.
  14. Shockwave180

    San Jose Drops the Ball

    You're right, Doggy, but those came in their first three seasons ('68-70) and not in the 27-year playoff streak that I was talking about. We're saying the same thing, basically.
  15. Shockwave180

    San Jose Drops the Ball

    Dude, stop it. The Blues made the playoffs 27 years in a row before the lockout. They played every April for almost three solid decades. True, they only made it past the second round twice...and they never made the finals...and they've still never won the Cup...but be a little more precise. I hate the Blues and hope they never win a Cup, but let's not sound ignorant.