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  1. Don Cherry's Comments

    Are you new to hockey or something? "maybe show up for the playoffs once in a while?" Are you actually retarded or just entirely ignorant? Ovechkin is the best goal scorer in the NHL and took his team to the playoffs for the first time in a while last year. Not only that, but he scored some big goals in that series. He didn't score for a couple games that series (games 3-5 or something like that) but that is because Phili was shutting him down. I don't expect to get a decent response to this because you are so god damn ignorant, but if you see it maybe drop me a line. PS. I haven't been on in a while but thank god you dropped that three dot bulls***, every post you put up on this site had about 5 "..." in it, if you are so speechless and hesitant, don't post anything ****** bag!
  2. Best bang for your buck

    Oh dear, that just went flying over my head, haha. I get it now
  3. Best bang for your buck

    Seriously? We shouldn't have an educated discussion about a players value in General Discussion? Meanwhile people are talking about how sick they are getting of Ovie's goal celebrations...
  4. Best bang for your buck

    I have a question for all letsgowings members: Who is the best bang for your buck player in the NHL? In a salary cap world, who is the best bargain player? Take into account their salary vs their stats and also the things you cannot calculate i.e. leaders, great team players, guys who are always willing to go into the corner and dig for the puck, etc. The obvious choice would be guys like Versteeg, Ryan, Wheeler or which ever rookie with their entry-level contracts, but also think about the guys who are paid the bigger bucks. Looking forward to your input.
  5. "I forgot he was a Red Wing!"

    daryl bootland.
  6. NLL

    thats interesting i did not think anyone would reply lol. im a huge lacrosse fan myself, i like it more than hockey personally.
  7. Chris Simon Faces More Punishment From NHL

    lol definately not rest of season you are over reacting like yeah its unsportsman like but c'mon now maybe 20-30 games.
  8. Favourite Non Red Wing?

    spezza alfredsson heatley hejduk drury cole whitney lehtinen thornton nash briere vanek roy miller biron upshall the list goes on...
  9. Sundin

    Sundin is their entire team so unless we give up Lidstrom, Zetterberg or Datsyuk he is not coming to Motown. look for a more realistic trade such as Ryder off the habs or something along those lines.
  10. Hawks & Yotes

    i definitely agree with you on that one. although i wouldnt say they were out of the hunt, they had the majority of the season with him there to turn it around, but you cant do that in one season... good to see some fierce competition for the redwings this year.
  11. Vote for Rob Babcock

  12. NLL

    hey i was just wondering if anyone on LGW follows lacrosse at all?, NLL/MLL or whatever you're into.
  13. New Scoring Leader

    these are two different teams we are talking about. wings have chosen a balanced squad with guys who can play both ends of the ice and can control the puck. the lightning have decided to put their money into an offensive team first and foremost, this was obvious when they decided khabibulin was gone, even after winning a cup. sure they have some defensive guys who can play both ends of the ice but they have their money invested in vinny and marty to score goals, not shadow guys all night.
  14. Trade Deadline Options

    sundin would be an awesome pick-up... zetter and dats would feed him all day whether it be even strength or PP. I would conserned about the amount required to get him though... im sure 1 or 2 young roster guys like filppula and hudler would be involved as well as a solid young prospect and probably a pick or two. thats quite a bit for an almost 40 year old, even if he is in the top 5 or so for scoring so far. Ryder or Madano is more realistic and I was just saying the other day to my friend that Dallas would be wise to move him, even if he is one of the 'stars' in Dallas. he doesn;t have the same role for them that he used to, they just arent the same team anymore, and i think that if they could get a young player with upside and prospect or pick it would be worth it.
  15. Spotlight on Pavel Datsyuk

    ahaha are you really? because your comment wasn't TOO random. and back on topic, I saw a segment of it between periods and I was upset that I would not be able to see the rest (I live in Canada, therefore there is no FSN)