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  1. I hope it was on the little *****
  2. GO HELM!!
  3. Oh no. Mike Meyers. This is painful.
  4. So we can stuff it down his throat?
  5. Worst refs ever.
  6. Awesome!! Mark is shoveling nachos!
  7. I just logged on to the forum. Did I miss the all the awesome things said about Sid?
  8. now THAT was a big Red Wings jersey.
  9. FUPPY!!!
  10. YES!! Thanks Malone!
  11. I didn't know Hank went to a boarding school! Was that from the Zetterberg clothing line?
  12. Whoo Hoo!
  13. Maybe the Pens need Brittany Spears to help them break the ice.
  14. Oh. I was in a bar and couldn't hear the game. So, yeah Wings!