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  1. Parents sue because kids suck at hockey

    Amen to that!! In his statement, it appears that poster is not seeing the big picture. The actions by these parents are, in a sense, a reflection of the times we are currently living in, one of entitlement. The parents may mean well, but are doing their children no favors by acting so immaturely. With their logic, everyone of us should have a spot on the Redwings' roster.
  2. Bob Probert passes away at 45

    It's always a shock when these things happen, no matter how old they are. Best wishes to his family.
  3. Parents sue because kids suck at hockey

    COMMUNISTS!!!! I think I am going to sue all of the girls who ever rejected me. What about the ones who led me on but didn't put out? Is that not the same as false advertising?
  4. "Detroit sucks" chant at Cup celebration?

  5. Sidney Crosby - The most hated player in the NHL

    I hear you!! The advertising in sports just drives me through the roof!! I understand the need for some, but they just keep pushing for more and more. It has me wondering how far it will go. I can see it now, "And now, the Pittsburgh(Brought to you by Bud Light) Penguins(Click it or Ticket) We have Bengay Crosby and Vavoline Staal"!! lol They may push it to the point of ads on unis and selling the naming rights of team names, for instance the Detroit Fords and the Chicago Bank of Americas. I hope the "Big Four" would have the taste and respect for the traditions of their teams and respective leagues, but who knows. I will end my rant now without mentioning the little weasel who complains about people throwing hats on the ice Crysby. We all know he is a big *****!!
  6. Record Ratings on NBC

    No it's not. It is not even close to Detroit, in terms of population. Detroit City Pop: Pittsburgh City Pop: 912,062 316,718 Detroit CSA: Pittsburgh CSA: 5,354,225 2,462,571 Piece of crap screwed up my stats!! Pittsburgh has roughly 2.5 mil in while Detroit has roughly 5.3 mil in its area, to clear it up. That means Detroit's MSA is more than double the size of Pittsburgh's. Of course there is more interest in these teams across the board. They are two storied franchises. Pittsburgh really isn't, yet. You add to that the fact that many people all over the country have ties to these two cities, and you have a winner.
  7. Record Ratings on NBC

    That does not matter. What he is saying is that Pittsburgh is a small market. It does not matter if everyone in Pittsburgh watches the SCF and only half of New York does. There are still more people in New York watching. Also, what he was getting at is that Philadelphia and Chicago are bigger markets than Pittsburgh, which usually translates to more fans/potential fans.
  8. Record Ratings on NBC

    I highly doubt it. The reason people are watching is because both teams play in big markets where hockey is relevant. If it were Anaheim and Florida, no one would be watching.
  9. Stanley Cup Droughts

    Stanley Cup droughts are the reason I am so into this series. With the Wings out, it is a trip down memory lane of the 1997 Redwings ending their 42 year drought. I can remember my 42 year old father laying on the floor, screaming like a little kid as the clock wound down to and the horn sounded. One can only wonder how many middle aged men, who have waited their whole lives to see their team win the Cup will be doing the same when this series winds down. ...Alright, enough reminiscing for now.
  10. Wings will sign multi-year lease at the Joe

    Would building a new arena and mean skyrocketing prices? Would it be a case where we have a nice sparkly new arena with no history and plenty of distractions from the game, but only the yuppie insects would be able to afford to enjoy it while they eat their sushi, ride ferris wheels, complain about the violence, and scratch their heads wondering what inning it is? It's bad enough as it is with the way they have managed to price real fans out of the game just to attract the corporate clones who buy season tickets in the lower bowl, only so the can attend once in a blue moon.
  11. Lidstrom Signs 1-Year Contract Extension

    We Wings fans can be a little spoiled. Last year, there were fans coming on here and saying, "I would have almost rather lost to the Ducks in the 2nd round rather than to the Pens in the SCF so we can be more motivated and better rested going into next year". All I can say to that is, tell it to some Leafs fans and see what happens.
  12. Favourite Goal Horn/Song

    To me, Detroit's and Chicago's are very similar and the best by far. To me, the real deep ones like Anaheim and Philly are really annoying. Boston's is really annoying too.
  13. SCF Game Two GDT

    I bet none. Why should they? The Yankees won 26 rings during the 86 years the Redsox had to wait to win another. When was the last time the Blackhawks did anything to the Redwings? 1992, when they swept us in the 2nd round? Hell, the Hawks have not done much to anyone in years and have not hoisted the Cup in 49 years. What's to hate? Their jealous fans? Hawks fans have every reason to hate the Wings. Their franchise has gotten the shaft for the better part of its 84 year history. Long before it was "Dollar Bill" running the franchise into the ground, it was the Norris family who treated the Blackhawks as nothing more than a farm team for their other team, a certain one donning a winged wheel.
  14. SCF Game Two GDT

    I am with you here. I guess I am one of those odd-balls who likes to root for our divisional opponents, and the O-Six, in the post season, especially when the Wings are done. I can understand why we Detroit fans hated Colorado in the 90s and Anaheim now, but Chicago? For what? Some unwritten rule that we must hate our divisional rivals or we are traitors? To me, it seems a tad sheepish. Teams like Chicago winning are good for the league, and ultimately, the Wings. It would be nice to see Detroit, Chicago, and St.Louis all contenders at the same time b/c there was nothing more boring than seeing the Wings be the only relevant team in the division. Okay, there was Nashville to some extent, but no one really cares about them.
  15. Hossa

    You also have to consider that the Blackhawks are a deep, very well rounded team that does not need to depend on Hossa to score goals. Getting paid to score goals? I do not know if that is the right attitude for Hossa, or anyone to have. With that attitude, who is to say that he would not be selfish and take bad shots, when others are wide open? It's a team sport and he gets paid, not only to score goals, but to contribute to helping his team win games. I have a hard time writing off a scenario where Hossa gets two assists in a Blackhawks win as simply a case where the team won despite him.