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    Bigger Nets?

    Bigger Nets? NO!! How about smaller pads. they are still too big. In the words of our old friend George Bush: Bigger nets? BAAD BAAD Smaller Pads? THATS GOOD GOOD

    Why Is Everyone Comiing Down So Hard On The Leafs?

    I was rooting for the Leafs hardcore in 02 just because I wanted to see a Redwings Maple Leafs final. It would have been nice to see a final between two hockey hotbeds and original six teams to boot. It would have been absolutely crazy! Plus it would have been a break from all of these sunbelt teams no one ( even at home ) cares about. Think about it, there has not been a Stanley Cup final between two real hockey cities since 1997 between the Redwings and the Flyers. ahh what a great year that was. Remember Konstantinov knocking then media darling Lindros on his ass and then giving him this look that said.. and stay down there!! .... and my then 42 year old dad laying on the floor screaming like a kid as the Wings finally lifted a monkey off their back that had been sitting there for 42 years. oops sorry got off subject reminiscing.


    Um.. that was no accident. The thought of that SCUMBAG!! getting his grubby little paws on Lord Stanley's Cup makes me wanna puke.... and then puke some more!

    Kariya may test market

    No surprise there! He wants to be on a contender and the Predators are not it. The Wings do not need his big salary. Besides, we need bigger and younger guys than him to compete with the other big teams in the west like Calgary, San Jose, Vancouver, Anaheim. We need someone more are willing to drop the gloves who can protect Dats and Zetterberg. Must add grit to the lineup not finesse if we want to make another cup run.

    Preds Sale

    Mr. Bettman, hockey in Nashville failed so get over it. The fact is, they have had a good team for a few years now and cannot even fill their home building which is not acceptable. If that team were in any original six city or some place like Philly Pitt or St. Louis, their home ice would be rockin'. New Jersey Devils, I am looking at you too. Move them both.

    Preds Sale

    If Bettman is so content on keeping the Preds in Nashville then he should buy the team and resign as commish . It would be nice because this guy is nothing but a little weezle who knows/ cares nothing about hockey and therefore needs to be gone . I have a feeling that if Montreal was in the same situation, he would not put up as much of a fight to save them. In his words: " Though it is unfortunate that the great fans of Montreal are losing their team, I think the move to New Orleans will be a great step in "growing the sport" of ice hockey in America because where ever it is it out sells everything else. Looks like hockey will be doing quite well in Louisiana". It seems that what he is trying to do is destroy the sport leveling it all to the ground and all but erasing its glorious past to recreate the league in his image establishing a new history and traditions so he can one day be renowned by all those faithful to the sport in the future as a "Hockey God". Think about him telling us we have a heated rivalry with Columbus while denouncing our traditional rivalries like Toronto and Montreal.

    Preds Sale

    Why did they ever put a team in Nashville in the first place? Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful city, but it is not a hockey city. It is not even a big market and won't be any time soon. I can agree that some teams in southern and southwesternl markets is good for the league, but lets not flood it with them. Keep Dallas, San Jose, LA, Tampa Bay, maybe Carolina( Raleigh is actually a great sports town believe it or not ) and scrap the rest. That includes Anaheim. I don't care if they got lucky and won a cup, they are a joke!! Why is there all this talk of Kansas City? We already have a team in the great state of Missouri. Kansas City is not St. Louis as it seems more like a southern city while St. Louis seems more like a northern and therefore more "Hockey Friendly" city. Having said that, why not Milwaukee? Hockey is big in Wisconsin, the Redwings are too far away and the Blackhawks suck.

    Your Top 5 Worst-Run NHL clubs

    1. Chicago Blackhawks 2. Phoenix Coyotes 3. Los Angles Kings 4. Washington Capitals 5. Boston Bruins If you are talking about the worst run organizations throughout their existence, then the title without question must go to the Phoenix Coyotes/ Winnipeg Jets organization. This has always been a terrible club as they have only one like one playoff series since joining the NHL in 1979. It does not get any worse than that. Second worst goes to the Kings.

    Red Wings rivals?

    The way I see it, there are two types of rivals, those you just hate and those may also hate but respect. Take for instance Toronto and Chicago I don't hate either of those clubs mainly because I respect the fact that they have long traditions and large fan bases who would be just jacked if their team won. As a die hard Redwings fan, I would pull for either of those teams if they were in a position to win big unless of course it's against the Wings . Then of course there are those you just plain old hate and would rather see fall off a cliff than get anywhere near that cup like Anaheim. They have a meaningless existence, a dirty style of play, and a goofy sounding name . Colorado with Roy (Wahh) was another one despite the fact that Denver is actually a pretty good hockey town. The Devils, the Flamers etc.

    Red Wings rivals?

    Ever read the Chicago Blackhawks fan blogs? They are always trashing our Redwings calling them the "Detoilet Deadwings" It's obvious they still consider us a rivalry. Having said that, the Blackhawks will always be a rivalry and so will Toronto. The Colorado, Calgary, and Anaheim rivalries will burn out as time passes due to geography. To a lesser extent, I will always consider St. Louis a rivalry unless they move us east. Maybe Montreal for those who remember the 50's and 60's. Wish Buttman would allow us to restore (The Lifeblood of the NHL) those old rivalries (Toronto Montreal)

    Will the 'Hawks be good this year?

    A Cup contending team in Chicago sure would be great for the NHL and the best sport on Earth, so I hope they get good soon. There is hope in prospects Teowes (spelling) and Kane. Though it is tough for one to get their hops up when their bonehead management always ends up trading their stars at the prime of their careers like they did Amonte, JR, Belfour, Sullivan,etc. In today's sports landscape where change is lightning fast, anything is possible ;even one of the worse run organizations in all of sports (WhiteSox) being crowned champions. Wirtz and Co. have built successful clubs before so I cannot see why they can't do it again coupled with the help from the Salary Cap and minimum.

    Will the 'Hawks be good this year?

    I doubt it. I hope they do get better as their fans deserve it much more than the ones in Nashville and other current "Hockey Cities". It would be nice to see Chicago and St. Louis be competitive again.