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    Advertisements on Glass

    What am I talking about? The boards and ice surface are meaningless to most. The appearances of the jerseys are a symbols of pride and joy for the vast majority of fans. The are a lot of people who become a fan of a team because of the name and or uniform. The notion that corporations would give up their ad space on the ice surface and boards to have their patches on the jerseys is silly as the ads are hard to see on moving bodies and unfavorable angles. If the league were to allow ads on players, it would not be to improve the flow of the game and beautify the ice and boards like you suggest. No, it would be to make more money to compensate for shrinking revenue streams and rising costs. In the end, we would have ads on the ice, boards, buildings, frequent commercial breaks and now players. And yes the teams would look all the same while standing around for tv timeouts b/c they would all have ads on them. It would be too pathetic for me to watch.

    Advertisements on Glass

    Would you like to see that happen? To me, it would be both a sign of weakness and a lack of integrity on the part of the league, and the fans for letting it happen.

    Advertisements on Glass

    The Czechs players represent a nation/way of life/national pride. The same goes for any other world team. The NHL players represent nothing more than a brand/several brands depending on how much they move around. The New York Yankees, Detroit Redwings, LA Lakers, and Green Bay Packers may have large fan bases throughout North America, but they are by no means symbols of national pride, just brands.

    Advertisements on Glass

    Please tell me you are kidding. The MLS is a joke that came along in the mid 90s and therefore has no real history or tradition. The NHL on the other hand..... The way I see it, excessive commercials and ads on boards is annoying as hell but at least it does not deface tradition and team identity. You see, the jerseys themselves are a form of advertising as many go out and buy them/follow the team simply b/c they think they look cool and unique. That would all be lost with ads on jerseys as everyone would look exactly the same.

    Advertisements on Glass

    Not this die hard!! Ads on the ice or boards or naming rights are one thing, patches on jerseys is a whole nother story. All I can say is, if/when they attempt it, make your voice heard!! NNNNO!! No! Nooooo!! They will have to listen.

    Playoffs to Be Full of Blowouts?

    Having said that, Go Blues and Go Coyotes!! Let the Sharks and Dicks rough each other up in the first round.

    Playoffs to Be Full of Blowouts?

    There is simply no way one can make such a bold prediction regarding the NHL post season. This is especially true here where it is not uncommon to see all of the top teams done by the second round. Do you remember the 2003, 2004, and 2006 Redwings seasons? This aint the NBA where the best teams almost always win in the post season.

    Advertisements on Glass

    Ads, ads, and more ads!! When will people finally say enough is enough? They put ads on the jerseys, what is next? What will they change team names to corporate names? Imagine this, "You are watching Detroit Comericas Hockey presented to you by Bud Light as the Comericas take on the Chicago AIGs from the Freddie Mack Center in Detroit, home to the government owned General Motors Corporation!! In net for the Wings, oops I mean Comericas is Ty Grab Life by the Horns Conklin..." Bastardize our sports and we will quit watching!! That is why I refuse to watch MLS.

    Advertisements on Glass

    I would not be so sure about that because then all of the teams would look the same when team branding, logos/colors are an important selling point. Identities would be lost and interest in the league would decline even more. As a die hard, I would not watch that crap, and I know I am not alone here. Like everything else, there needs to be a balance.

    Bettman: Fighting part of game

    Now that would just be wrong!! Kicking his ass would become an annual event, 82 or more times a year.

    It is rhetoric like this that is ruining the game and league!

    I love how they try to bash hockey for its allowing fighting while glorifying leagues such as the NFL and NBA whose players are constantly in jail.
  12. Before you say this topic has been beaten to death, I think all should take a look at this as I have never heard of something quite like this. It has to be one of the dumbest things I ever read.

    It is rhetoric like this that is ruining the game and league!

    I, and I am sure I am not alone, do not care what he is trying to do. Fighting has always been part of the game and most of us think it should stay that way, so of course we will be mad. Before you go calling us ignorant and stupid, you must note that there are far more non hockey fans who are stupid when it comes to the sport (maybe other things as well). The ****** that wrote this article is a prime example of that, another sheep and non hockey fan jumping on the "Hockey Bashing Bandwagon" and media fad. In the end, it is not his ridiculous proposals that get us mad, it the message he is trying to send that we are all growing very tired of. We are sick of little ******* like this assclown trying to "clean up the game" just so other little ******* can enjoy it and not offend anyone!!

    Why people hate the Wings

    It is that simple. It makes me wonder how many despised Montreal in their 3 decade long dynasty. What bothered me about that board, and many others, is that people come up with lame excuses for why to hate. In the process, they come across as complete asses while coming from a city who calls its football team "America's Team". Oh well, I guess that's all just part of the human psyche.

    It is rhetoric like this that is ruining the game and league!

    That is okay. I did not read the whole thing either. I already knew what it was about and therefore could not force myself to read such propaganda. Why all the hostility for hockey and the NHL?

    The Wings secret to success!

    A great deal of it has to do with branding and forming a team identity. The Redwings and the Flyers are probably the two teams that are best at doing that. From the top, they know exactly what kind of team they want to be on the ice and find the types of players to fill those roles. Since the early 90s, the Wings have set out to be a finesse team just as the Flyers have always set out to be a big physical team. There are various organizations throughout the world of sports and they have all traditionally found themselves on the winning side.

    It is rhetoric like this that is ruining the game and league!

    That is the sentiment amongst the vast majority of hockey fans/ purists. I know Bettman has stated he thinks fighting should remain part of the game, but such talk against it still irks me because I know it does not always take long for it to really catch on with the media and "political correcto nutjobs". I find it absurd how people who know nothing and could care less about the sport or its traditions could have such an opinion that is probably based on something they heard on the news. Sadly, knowing Bettman, he will try to do anything to please these people all in the name of "growing the sport". I just hope that Bettman is smart enough to see this for what it really is. If such changes are made, it is highly unlikely that such people will watch or follow hockey. They will just find something else to ***** about while we the fans must suffer for their ignorance and inflated sense of self.

    Crosby Back In Lineup...TONIGHT!?!

    He must be the best piece of ass in 3 states, according to Bettman. On a serious note, would he be playing if it were anyone else but "Sid the Kid"? Maybe..... but somehow I doubt it.

    Will Red Wings test Bettman on Tuesday?

    It's all good because there is a good chance that the Penguins will not even make the playoffs this year. That is unless Bettman comes up with a new rule to change that. lol

    Osgood vs. Conklin

    I don't know he did bench Domi last year in the playoffs. Usually a coach sitting a goalie in the playoffs is the kiss of death, but look what happened last year.

    "The Courage of Detroit"

    I am going to go ahead and agree with other posters here and say that Americans should try to learn from Detroit, not poke fun of it. Whether they know it or not, this city has long served as a glimpse into the future of this country( i.e industrial revolution, the auto, and the decline of industrial prowess).

    "The Courage of Detroit"

    One big hurtle the city must get over is its lack of diversity. I think the majority of people are ready for this to happen, and it is, slowly, but the folks on city council seem set in their ignorant and hateful ways. You should hear some of the things that comes out of the mouths of those people; it's absurd. Having said that, why would anyone with a little money( mostly whites) want to live under an administration that hates them? I firmly believe things will change for the better; it just may take longer than in most cities due to the city's "It may be broken but it is ours mentality".

    "The Courage of Detroit"

    Great article!! It is just too bad that more Americans do not have more of an appreciation for such a place. It is a place where people are modest, hard working, and real. When most hear that, they think it must suck because it is not some flashy, glamorous/bling bling kind of place where bigger is always better. It's funny how the media almost begrudgingly try to portray Detroit and Michigan as "Hell on Earth" while so many who can leave choose to stay. Bob Seiger(spell check), Kid Rock, and Eminem chose to stay when they could have left at the drop of a hat. Steve Yzerman stayed after he retired and I believe Chris Chelios said he planned to stay in the area after he retires. The list goes on!!

    Michigan votes for Toronto.....

    What happens if San Jose or Dallas wins? What happens if someone wins the Cup 4 years in a row? If not for all of the teams way down south or the possibility of another dynasty, it would be a pretty good idea.

    Where do you want the next Winter Classic be?

    I agree. I think the same things can also be said about Washington DC and New York as well. Bruins Canadiens or Rangers would be nice at Fenway Park in Boston. Detroit/Chicago at Toronto would be nice some time down the road as well.