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  1. BS. This is something that is fudged up with the world. What this teaches is that you can be bad at something and without putting more effort, time, passion, dedication into something you can still get what you want (or profit another way) just by bitching and taking the easy way. If people bitched all the time there would be no point of any type of training one endures for years, which can produce some of the great minds to conquer such issues you listed.

    Amen to that!! In his statement, it appears that poster is not seeing the big picture. The actions by these parents are, in a sense, a reflection of the times we are currently living in, one of entitlement. The parents may mean well, but are doing their children no favors by acting so immaturely.

    With their logic, everyone of us should have a spot on the Redwings' roster.

  2. I am American. I just get lit up at the fact that we destroy things that are good. Why not welcome the sponsors on the jerseys. You know, have an easton logo, Gatorade, bengay, McDonald's, valvoline (zamboni oil), Toyota, etc. We already have the arenas named for millions. Makes perfect sense to go to an arena named after a bank. After all, you are just giving them your money right. How soon until Preparation H Arena or the Tampax Centre. When is enough enough is my point. Some people/things you just don't want to be in the mix. The league is attracting some bad apples and it is hurting it for the "fan that has been watching his whole life." I would love to see a Gordie Howe or Steve Yzerman Arena (or Joe Louis II for that matter) but I know it will be some company that slaps its name above the new home of the Red Wings that has nothing to do with the game. I cannot be the only one on this board that feels like that "fan". If I am, then it is far worse than I thought.

    Plus, I just like getting people revved up on these boards.

    I hear you!! The advertising in sports just drives me through the roof!! I understand the need for some, but they just keep pushing for more and more. It has me wondering how far it will go.

    I can see it now, "And now, the Pittsburgh(Brought to you by Bud Light) Penguins(Click it or Ticket) We have Bengay Crosby and Vavoline Staal"!! lol

    They may push it to the point of ads on unis and selling the naming rights of team names, for instance the Detroit Fords and the Chicago Bank of Americas. I hope the "Big Four" would have the taste and respect for the traditions of their teams and respective leagues, but who knows.

    I will end my rant now without mentioning the little weasel who complains about people throwing hats on the ice Crysby. We all know he is a big *****!!

  3. Pittsburgh's population, if I'm not mistaken, is quite a bit larger than Detroit's now. Not really fair to compare that.

    The finals this year are higher than last because people are sick of Detroit winning and people are sick of Crosby.

    No it's not. It is not even close to Detroit, in terms of population.

    Detroit City Pop: Pittsburgh City Pop:

    912,062 316,718

    Detroit CSA: Pittsburgh CSA:

    5,354,225 2,462,571

    No it's not. It is not even close to Detroit, in terms of population.

    Detroit City Pop: Pittsburgh City Pop:

    912,062 316,718

    Detroit CSA: Pittsburgh CSA:

    5,354,225 2,462,571

    Piece of crap screwed up my stats!!

    Pittsburgh has roughly 2.5 mil in while Detroit has roughly 5.3 mil in its area, to clear it up. That means Detroit's MSA is more than double the size of Pittsburgh's.

    But the Canadian numbers are way higher for this series.

    Seems to me there's more interest across the board in these two teams.

    Of course there is more interest in these teams across the board. They are two storied franchises. Pittsburgh really isn't, yet. You add to that the fact that many people all over the country have ties to these two cities, and you have a winner.

  4. So is that why the Pittsburgh viewership was 2 places above Detroit's? Not that I'm a fan of their team or anything, but that comment makes no sense in context.

    That does not matter. What he is saying is that Pittsburgh is a small market. It does not matter if everyone in Pittsburgh watches the SCF and only half of New York does. There are still more people in New York watching.

    Also, what he was getting at is that Philadelphia and Chicago are bigger markets than Pittsburgh, which usually translates to more fans/potential fans.

  5. Good to see the game is growing. Hopefully those record ratings aren't an indicator of bandwagon fans, but rather fans who will continue to watch regardless of who is playing.

    I highly doubt it. The reason people are watching is because both teams play in big markets where hockey is relevant.

    If it were Anaheim and Florida, no one would be watching.

  6. Stanley Cup droughts are the reason I am so into this series. With the Wings out, it is a trip down memory lane of the 1997 Redwings ending their 42 year drought. I can remember my 42 year old father laying on the floor, screaming like a little kid as the clock wound down to and the horn sounded.

    One can only wonder how many middle aged men, who have waited their whole lives to see their team win the Cup will be doing the same when this series winds down.

    ...Alright, enough reminiscing for now. :P

  7. Would building a new arena and mean skyrocketing prices?

    Would it be a case where we have a nice sparkly new arena with no history and plenty of distractions from the game, but only the yuppie insects would be able to afford to enjoy it while they eat their sushi, ride ferris wheels, complain about the violence, and scratch their heads wondering what inning it is?

    It's bad enough as it is with the way they have managed to price real fans out of the game just to attract the corporate clones who buy season tickets in the lower bowl, only so the can attend once in a blue moon.

  8. After reading the comments that some of you have left regarding Lidstrom re-signing for next year I'am actually embarrassed to be associated with you. Have you been so spoiled over the past 15 years that the fact that Holland signed our best player to a $1.2 mill discount is hurting the team? The way i see it the only way our team could be worse next year is if Lidstrom retired or asked for more than he made last year. He could have demanded the league max and forced Holland to tear the team apart to sign him, because he is worth the league max. He could have retired and the wings could hope that they find his replacement in the draft sometime in the next....30 years, players like him come around once every generation or so and the fact that he played for the wings his entire career is a blessing. If you guys don't want the best player of the past 20 years there are 29 other teams that will gladly take him off our hands even at 40 y/o. Had he retired could we had a shot a getting Kovi? sure, but last time i checked Kovi doesn't play 28 min/game and wont shut down the other teams best players every game. Lidstrom has the kind of impact on games that Crosby and Ovechkin have and Holland signed him for close to $3 mill less than those guys are getting. I'am thanking the Hockey gods everyday(alot today)for allowing the wings to have players like Lidstrom, Zetterberg, and Datsyuk because every other team had a shot at drafting these guy and the wings could have the success that the Florida Panthers has had. Those of you that are complaining I want you to go root for the Panthers or the Thrashers next year so you can be humbled and because you don't deserve to be associated with the Red Wings. You are the reason that every other fan base can't stand us thinks we are entitled to everything. Could he have signed for 4 or 5 million? yes, but the fact that he still want to play and still wants to play for the wings is worth 6.2 million dollars. If you want to call him up and pay him 2 million out of your own pocket so he could sign for 4 mill im sure he would take you up on it.

    Thank you for reading my rant and if you are very happy that Lids is just coming back and that you think Holland will work his magic and the wings will be a cup contender next year then this was not about you, i still have respect for you and if you are ever in Wyoming you are welcome to come watch a wings game at my house. :champs: <-- in 2011

    We Wings fans can be a little spoiled.

    Last year, there were fans coming on here and saying,

    "I would have almost rather lost to the Ducks in the 2nd round rather than to the Pens in the SCF so we can be more motivated and better rested going into next year".

    All I can say to that is, tell it to some Leafs fans and see what happens.

  9. I wonder how many Red Sox fans cheered for the Yankees last year in the World Series?

    I bet none. Why should they? The Yankees won 26 rings during the 86 years the Redsox had to wait to win another.

    When was the last time the Blackhawks did anything to the Redwings? 1992, when they swept us in the 2nd round? Hell, the Hawks have not done much to anyone in years and have not hoisted the Cup in 49 years.

    What's to hate? Their jealous fans?

    Hawks fans have every reason to hate the Wings. Their franchise has gotten the shaft for the better part of its 84 year history. Long before it was "Dollar Bill" running the franchise into the ground, it was the Norris family who treated the Blackhawks as nothing more than a farm team for their other team, a certain one donning a winged wheel.

  10. QFT

    Now that's a comment I can get behind. People do have different reasons for hating. Mine happen to have more to do with what actually happens on the ice versus what fans do. I could care less about fan bases. I don't have to live in those cities nor do I have to deal with those people. I might as well be ticked off at people in Delaware as to be pizzed at Hawk fans or Flyer fans for that matter.

    And as for Flyers fans. It's been my understanding that some of the most obnoxious, rude and truculent fans on the planet reside in Philly. Never been there so can't speculate myself.

    As for the Hawks uniforms. I love them. Always have. Much the same way I love the Habs red unis or the simple elegance of the Wings and Maple Leafs jerseys.

    And yes, I admit it, I have a fondness for all things historical. That said, I have a special place in my heart for Original 6 teams and their history.

    What have the Flyers ever done other than embarrass the sport and turn it into a sideshow spectacle that was the Broad Street Bullies? I love a good fistfight as much as the next guy. But they were ridiculous.

    In any event, even if Hartnell was not in the picture, I could never root for Chris Pronger. As decent, nice, jovial and well spoken he is off the ice, the utter ******-baggery he's committed against the Wings during his career (and other teams) just prohibits me for rooting for him. It'd be like rooting for a team with Claude Lemeiux on it. Absolutely no way in hell i'm ever going to do that.

    Pronger putting Homer's head into the glass deliberately


    Patrick Kane allegedly popping a cabby in the face

    as a Wings fan, which one do you think upsetted me more when it happened?

    nuff said.

    I am with you here.

    I guess I am one of those odd-balls who likes to root for our divisional opponents, and the O-Six, in the post season, especially when the Wings are done. I can understand why we Detroit fans hated Colorado in the 90s and Anaheim now, but Chicago? For what? Some unwritten rule that we must hate our divisional rivals or we are traitors? To me, it seems a tad sheepish.

    Teams like Chicago winning are good for the league, and ultimately, the Wings. It would be nice to see Detroit, Chicago, and St.Louis all contenders at the same time b/c there was nothing more boring than seeing the Wings be the only relevant team in the division. Okay, there was Nashville to some extent, but no one really cares about them.

  11. ^ This.

    It's a catch-22 and you can look at Hossa being there presently in different ways, no way being either right or wrong. He's doing some things here and there to contribute to wins (just like he did, albeit in an inconsistent manner, with Wings wings last playoffs when he wasn't scoring - i.e. Game 1 or 2 of the SCF where he had two assists in a win), but he's getting paid to put up points and score.

    If he keeps this pace up, or lack thereof, on the scoresheet and Chicago wins, I don't think it's out of reach to say that Chicago won in spite of him, if you're going to look at he gets paid to score goals etc.

    You also have to consider that the Blackhawks are a deep, very well rounded team that does not need to depend on Hossa to score goals.

    Getting paid to score goals? I do not know if that is the right attitude for Hossa, or anyone to have. With that attitude, who is to say that he would not be selfish and take bad shots, when others are wide open? It's a team sport and he gets paid, not only to score goals, but to contribute to helping his team win games.

    I have a hard time writing off a scenario where Hossa gets two assists in a Blackhawks win as simply a case where the team won despite him.

  12. Chiming in from ND here. My bf, Godson, and one of my best friends are all Native. There is no consensus amongst any tribe around here, and most people are kind of torn.

    The objections are:

    -Using a race of people as a mascot, especially one which stereotypes them as violent people.

    -Using, or more frequently, misusing what whites believe to be Indian traditions (but the whites have them totally screwed up) like fancy dances or war cries.

    -Placing people (especially young people) in the uncomfortable position of being "mascots" because of their race (usually in the eyes of drunk idiots who are cheering for opposing teams).

    Imagine being an Ojibwe and bringing your child to a game. You are just another family out for a good time, but nearby idiots see Native people and assume that just because you are there that you are Sioux and spend the game yelling "Sioux Suck" with the opposing crowd, but then harass you and your kid by continuing to tell you that you suck. Or imagine being Sioux and having to sit through people yelling "Sioux Suck".

    It's the idiots that ruin it for the rest of us. If it was like the Steelers or Packers where the teams were named to honour the people who made the city the success that it is today, it would be fine. Unfortunately, it is used more like an animal. Go back to the photoshop wars from the Coyote series and imagine that instead of dead dogs there were dead people in Native garb.

    Personally, I could go either way with it, but no matter what they have for a logo, the insensitive people should be taken out and flogged.

    As far as logos, I think the Preds logo looks stupid, but at least they got a colour that doesn't look like poop.

    You bring up some interesting points. As far as logos go, Natives do seem torn as some see them as racist while others do not. FSU has permission from the Seminol people to use their name as a mascot.

    Others ask the question of "what if they named a team the Blacks and had a logo depicting a guy eating watermelon and fried chicken"? It is safe to say that all African Americans would be offended while everyone else would also agree it is racist.

    Natives seem divided on such issues, which leaves me wondering how racist it really is. If they all viewed it as offensive, then we could all agree it is racist, but that is not the case, which is why we have these discussions. Using that logic, we might as well do away with the word "girlfriend" b/c some women find the use of the word "girl" to be offensive.

    Back to the topic: The new Sharks uniforms are hideous all together. I like the original ones. The Buffaslug, the Orchid Bay, the Pens, and the Avs all have bad logos. They must realize that simpler is better.

  13. That reminds me of these panzy announcers during the 06 WS between the Tigers and Cardinals. All they did was complain about the cold weather and suggested that the series be played in a warm weather neutral site, even though they would never dare do that if it were New York or Boston.

    The question the morons failed to consider was, how many fans do you think are going to shell out top dollar to watch a possible 7 game series consisting of two teams they could care less about?

    To answer your question, no, the NHL would be stupid for even seriously considering such a measure. It would be a no-win situation.

  14. They are, and the ratings prove it.

    But it's NBC that wants no part of Canadian teams, meaning they would never get a spot in the Winter Classic.

    I think, to an extent, NBC underestimates the number of Canadian fans down here in the states, particularly during the winter months.

    It reminds me of when I went to a Florida Panthers game against the Montreal Canadiens. To our surprise, it was standing room only and a home game for the Canadiens. With that said, one can only imagine how many Toronto fans there are down here.

    Unfortunately for Canadians, Toronto, or Montreal(questionable) vs an original 6 rival would be the only logical choice for a Canadian team in the WC, from a US ratings standpoint.

  15. As stated before it's all about the $$$$. Pittsburgh and Washington have the two fastest growing "New" fan bases out there right now. Their merchandise sales are sky rocketing, and when you're looking at Revenue the long term numbers involve getting new fair weather fans....and making them stay fans for the long haul. A team like Detroit has an already established fanbase, so it's not going to fluctuate up or down too much regardless. No point in catering to Detroit when there's hotter markets out there. Teams like say....the Wild....well nobody cares you end up with three types of teams.

    1) Those who have fan bases that won't change too much (Detroit, Toronto, etc)

    2) Those who have little fan base...and simply aren't worth making a big ticket out of (Minn, Atlanta, etc)

    3) Those with fresh new up and coming fan bases, willing to spend a ton of money to support their newfound passion. (pittsburgh, Washington)

    I Remember in 97-98....every single car in Detroit had a redwings flag (or 4) out the window. If you went to the mall 1/3rd of the shirts people were wearing were red and white, or a full out jersey. Hell, even I Had Detroit bumper stickers on my car, owned 3-4 Jersey's, and even a Redwings coffee mug. Back then 99% of us were just becoming Redwings fans because our team was doing well. Three finals appearances in a row, a record breaking 96 season....most of us were the lame fans that we now see springing up all over Pittsburgh and Washington. But we made the league a lot of money ;-p And while the fan craze surged during those years.....many of us remained fans over the long haul....and the 'Hockey' atmosphere that has been created in Michigan attracts new hockey fans with every generation. That's the NHL's goal with these up and coming teams right build a fanbase that will be self sufficient ten years from now, because god knows if they don't nurse the hell out of Washington and Pittsburgh.....most of their fans won't last through a bad year.

    Remember....the Caps became ultra popular in 98 as well, right up until Detroit swept them out of the finals. Suddenly....a bad year for them the following year...and poof, Caps fell off the planet for fan base.

    To get fans, you have to win. To keep a fan have to take those fair weather fans, and make them into real hockey fans...and that takes years to accomplish. In Detroit we lucked out with a good team for about 20 years straight now, but I doubt we'll see Pittsburgh and Washington making the playoffs for the next 20 years, so from a marketing standpoint pitting Ovechkin against Crosby in a highly publicized game is kinda genius.....even if it is a little bit ***.

    Side thought: How funny would it be if both of them were injured for the Winter Classic, lol. What a kick in the balls that would be to Bettman.

    That is a very good and accurate description of hockey fans in general. When compared to Canadian markets, all US fan bases are "fair-weather fans". In the 70s, the Wings could not give away seats to the ailing Olympia and shiny new Joe. We are seeing the same thing happening in Chicago. For years, they could not care less, and now they are draping Micheal Jordan in Blackhawks jerseys.

    In Canadian markets, their team can suck to the high heavens and yet they still can manage to fill their home arenas at or near capacity.

  16. I am never sure what to make of great players retiring and becoming coaches and GMs. They often fail to meet the expectations they did as players. Take Gretzky for example. He was one of the best players of all time, but struggled as a head coach.

    It is sad to see him go, but at least he did not go to a team most of us hate, like Anaheim.

  17. I think it would have depended on what version of the Wings showed up to play. I think it would have been a tighter series than the SJ/Chi series and the Det/SJ series, but I feel we still would have had a better chance of losing than winning. Chicago is very determined this year, and it shows it their ability to hang around and grind out a win however they can.

    Saying that, though, I felt the Sharks looked extremely slow and could not take advantage of any of the opportunities they were given. The didn't play completely horribly, but for much of what I saw, their being out of position and not jumping on second and third chances cost them those goals that might have won a game for them. In a lot of ways, I felt I was re-watching the Det/SJ series but with the Sharks playing worse than the Wings.

    Like others have said, I'm kind of glad that we didn't play Chicago this year and have that possibility of getting beaten by them. We weren't showing our true colors in this year's playoffs, and I like the fact that if Chicago does go on to win the Cup, there is still that little asterisk in the back of Chicago's mind that says: *But we didn't have to go through Detroit to get here. :(

    Next year will definitely be interesting. And I can't wait.

    So, you would rather the Redwings lose in the second round than have gone deep into the playoffs and lost to Chicago? I do not understand that logic one bit. Getting to the 3rd round is an accomplishment in and of itself. Losing in the first or second round is forgettable at best.