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  1. Got a link to the offer? So Subban 'may' be something special? Perhaps we don't a like minded idea of what 'special' is. He's already won a Norris trophy. I think he's already pretty special.
  2. I apologize ... I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not.
  3. They're both small. Any other similarities? No one here could say with 'great certainty' that the Ukraine isn't a great place to live either. Doesn't make it so.
  4. Please tell me you're not judging a player on a 2 game sample size. Serenity now!
  5. I heard last night that Kessel only had one nut and didn't start a thread about it.
  6. There's about 50 pages of discussion about Kesler in the two other threads.
  7. Yes, no one said we wanted him whacked.
  8. Not to disagree on Helm's importance, but Kesler is hardly "temporary help". I also don't think Helm is untouchable or irreplaceable.
  9. Zetterberg is better only if you disregard: Their similar career scoring production. Datsyuk's 3 Frank Selke trophies. Datsyuk's 4 consecutive Lady Bing trophies. NHL player's god-like regard for Datsyuk. But, Zetterberg's English is better. Z's a great player. He's no Pavel Datsyuk.
  10. Patrice Lefebvre, Patrick Emond and Normand Dupont. Household names, right? They are 3 of the top 4 all-time Quebec League points leaders.
  11. McLaren costs you a roster spot and can't play hockey ... much the same as every other punch drunk dinosaur you've wanted the Wings to sign. @#pleasesignthenextfighteronwaivers
  12. Nothing.
  13. But Fraser McLaren somehow is? Be a shocker if he was dealt. The plot thickens ...
  14. It's not just a crapshoot, it's literally impossible. Many players have put up crazy scoring totals in the Quebec League, even at young ages and haven't done a thing in the NHL.