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  1. Why would they put Winnepeg anywhere on the jersey?
  2. Thats already sold out for 5 years with an 8000 person waiting list that was capped. Oh ya, the people on the waiting list are paying $50 a year to be on it.
  3. Heard from multiple people in Winnipeg that the name will be released at the draft (possibly during the 7th overall pick) and it will be the Jets. TNSE hosting draft party at MTS Centre. I highly doubt they announce the name with all eyes on the draft and not have it be the Jets.
  4. Problem is they don't even play in Phoenix, they play in Glendale. I know if the sale went through, they would have been the Glendale Coyotes. Maybe they want something completely new. The Coyotes name has been through the ringer the past couple years and the franchise is not respected.
  5. Coyotes. They dont play in Phoenix and there is so much bad press about them. That is if they are still there in a few years.
  6. Season ticket waiting list capped at 8k!
  7. Here is an interview yesterday with 'Jets' owner Mark Chipman. Pretty good listen and gives insight into the plight of some NHL teams.
  8. I like the fact that our city didnt build an arena, TNSE did. Plus having a smaller packed arena will create a large demand thus allowing for the higher ticket prices and revenue.
  9. Wasnt the lack of passion that drove the Jets away. I see empty seats at the Joe all the time. Does that mean you guys lack passion?
  10. How would the building be empty after a couple years when season ticket commitment is a 3 year minimum. I think you underestimate Winnipegs passion for NHL hockey. The only thing that will derail this is if the loonie drops to $0.50. Considering our dollar is somewhat linked to the price of oil, I cant see that happening.
  11. I hope so, but I will follow the Winnipeg Pigf***ers if it comes to that.
  12. The guys buying front row tickets can care less about 32k over 5 years. The luxury boxes will be 180k+ a year with a 7-10 year commitment. So far there is a waiting list.
  13. Do some research.
  14. I will be there for the party. Rain or Shine. Got a pack of joints and a backpack full of beer!