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  1. Take it for what it is worth, but eklund is reporting the Leafs are going to announce acquiring Giguere and more at an 11:30 PC
  2. its under armour's new mouthgaurds, brad richards is the poster child for them
  3. if this is true, good singing Kenny! im a fan
  4. not on your original list, but someone mentioned Eaves, hed be perfect here, make it happen Kenny
  5. their salary counts against the cap if they are brought up during the season if im correct
  6. per eklund
  7. well we took some of the pens guys and lost, so i dont see why it should be any different for chicago...they can take our guys but they still wont win....go wings
  8. Martin Lapointe, Curtis Joseph
  9. awesome news, congrats to derek he deserves it
  10. is there going to a be a press conference with Marian? I would assume so but i havent heard anything.
  11. agreed, fedotenko also seems to be more of a grinder that can chip in some points here and there....the pens have lost too much and arent doing much to replace anyone
  12. according to hockeybuzz.com both the Habs and the Rangers have offerred Sundin 10 MILLION A SEASON........................crazy
  13. Wellwood was just claimed by the Canucks
  14. the worst kept secret in hockey....good luck Barry
  15. what about bringing Wellwood in to the mix....the Leafs are leaning toward not bringing him back next season so hell hit the UFA list on July 1st. he has had some injury problems which hurt him a bit developing (no pun intended) but he might be the kind of player that would thrive in a system like the wings have because he wont be one of the guys looked to to provide alot of offense like he was in Toronto.....