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  1. I'd be surprised if they waved the waiting period for Lidstrom. Is he top 2-5 at his position? Sure, but he's not the only recent defenseman to go out with that kind of reputation (before Lids surpassed him in every way, Bourque used to be everyone's favorite vote for 2nd best all-time). Also, as others have stated, waving the waiting period has been virtually unheard of in recent years, despite many retired "no-brainer" candidates. However, of anyone set to retire in the near future, he's certainly the most deserving of that rare honor.
  2. I wouldn't be that interested in trading Flip for Semin.. Hudler? Sure... but I can't see the Caps wanting that, not when their roster is probably the best it will be for a while next season (doubt they'll be able to convince Vokoun to stick around for that cheap again).. With Hudler, they would be downgrading for no reason, even if they get a pick or another role player in the deal. With trading Flip, you could sign Zherdev for 1 yr (probably 2 mil) and get a similar, though less potent, product without losing a good 2-way center. You'd still have to unload a player, but I'm sure one of the many teams below the cap minimum would take Hudler for a bag of pucks. So to me, it makes less sense from our end. However, one quick thing about Semin and the supposed laziness factor... IMO, his true character remains to be seen... He plays for the guy voted as the easiest coach to play for by NHL players, and he hangs around with a bunch of guys in their early 20s who probably don't shy away from late night parties. It would be a very different environment for him in Detroit, one without as many distractions, one where he is around stars with winning know-how and a strong work ethic, and that should inspire a modicum of maturity. It's different than a Robert Lang who had essentially peaked as a player, Semin is still young and can still grow/change.
  3. That's a pretty frightening stat too.. We're either playing Phoenix, the Preds, the Ducks, or Hawks in the first round... If our defense doesn't get a hell of a lot better really quickly, those 4 teams all have goalies that will keep us out of games.... This team is looking like a good bet for an early exit.
  4. 3-2... okay... now's a good time for our top lines to finally establish themselves again.
  5. maybe kindle's garbage goal will be something to bring a little life into this team.... they've been looking like they've got a pound of cement in their skates.
  6. C'mon double digits!
  7. Psch, wish I hadn't bought tickets for Sunday's game after this crap. This team just looks awful in every possible way.
  8. lol... just pathetic... The oilers look good by comparison.
  9. lol, they start the period with a penalty.. this team is looking worse and worse by the day... not many games left to right the ship either.
  10. lol, they start the period with a penalty.. this team is looking worse and worse by the day... not many games left to right the ship either.
  11. Just goes to show you that Iginla is a true hockey fan... he was enjoying the play so much he forgot he was in it.
  12. Why are you all surprised the Flames fans are blaming the Refs? What are they going to do, admit to themselves that they have a subpar team that will be lucky to be anywhere near .500 come the end of the season? They will lose against the Rangers next and there will be a whole new Ref/player/someone other than the team bashing thread up.. no worries.
  13. He did say the "last 20 years"... and that was over 20 years ago.... Minus Kipper's herculean effort in 04, they've sucked during the Iginla era.
  14. I'm actually glad none of them wear Wings gear... I'd rather they didn't sully the franchise with their awful movies/tv shows. It's not like we're talking about the good Belushi.... and if you saw what Mike Myers did to hockey with his awful Guru movie... let the Leafs have him
  15. Yeah, can't say it bothers me anymore... the 4 cups since then might have something to do with it